As one of the most important cities in the CAM, Móstoles has a wide range of specialized services, aimed at particular needs. For example, it is not at all necessary to travel to the Spanish capital to have professional help from psychologists to treat couple problems, such as jealousy, lack of communication, marriage crises, etc.

In this article we will see the most recommendable options regarding couples’ therapy centres in Mostoles , for all those people who want to have psychological assistance to improve the quality of their love life and their coexistence.

The best couples therapy centres in Mostoles

These are various clinics or psychology centres that have experts in couple’s therapy in Mostoles: professionals in applied psychology who are trained and experienced in helping marriages and couples to solve their conflicts or simply to revitalise their relationships. Next to each option you will find a brief description about the characteristics of each centre and its location.

1. Awakening Consultation

Consulta Despertares is an entity specialized in psychotherapy that has several centers in the main cities of the CAM: Madrid, Leganés, Getafe and Móstoles. In the latter, its centre is located at Avenida de la Constitución nº 13.

Those who experience problems such as crisis of confidence due to infidelity, jealousy, lack of communication, the tendency to argue about practically everything, boredom or boredom or problems in their sexual or emotional life can benefit from the good work of the team of professionals who work in this division of Consulta Despertares, and who can attend both the couple in joint sessions and each of their members individually if necessary to address certain needs and problems.

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2. SaFor Psychologists

In the Calle del Camino de Leganés , east side of Móstoles, we find the psychology office SaFor Psicólogos. Here it is possible to attend both couple therapy and sex therapy, something very useful for cases in which problems in the intimate sphere are interfering with the relationship.

As for the kind of conflicts or emotional dysfunctions that can be treated in this centre, we find jealousy, distrust and resentment due to infidelity, lack of communication, problems in expressing or regulating emotions, and even mediation in divorce processes.

3. Omega Psychology

Omega Psicología , entity specialized in the clinical-health area of psychological intervention, is located in Calle Salcillo, and is also recommended for its services of couple therapy (and family therapy).

Here different strategies are used to address the problem in a personalized way, seeing first if the problem is mainly in specific behaviors that are part of the habits of one of the people involved, or if it is a purely relational problem involving the family or partner.

4. ABC Psychologists

Very close to the Móstoles bullring we find another of the best options in terms of couples therapy services in this city: ABC Psychologists . This psychotherapy centre, which has been attending patients from the municipality for more than 15 years, offers all the most effective tools for intervening in cases of couple problems and break-up crises.

As a curiosity, this center has a Youtube channel that is constantly updated.

5. Albil Psychology

Albil Psicología is a psychology center that offers couples therapy in its facilities on Ricardo Medem Street.

Here we work from a combination of therapeutic tools and perspectives, ranging from cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy to EMDR therapy. In addition, interesting courses and workshops related to psychology are regularly held here, both for individuals and professionals.

6. Empathy Center

Another couple’s therapy centre in Móstoles located in a central part of the city is Centro Empatía, located in Calle Cartaya .

Here, of course, we intervene in couples who are going through bad times, whether due to situations of infidelity, constant arguments, monotony, cohabitation or organizational problems, frustration at not spending quality time together, etc. But beyond this, and psychological therapy in general, tasks typical of Forensic Psychology are also carried out.

What is couples therapy?

If you’ve come this far but are still not quite clear about what exactly couples therapy is and what happens in these sessions with the psychologist, it might be a good idea to read this article: “The 5 Types of Couples Therapy”