Due to its importance and size, in Alicante we can find a great variety of services among which psychotherapy. Next we will see the most recommended expert psychotherapists in anxiety in Alicante , with their descriptions.

The best expert psychologists in anxiety in Alicante

This is a selection of some of the best expert anxiety psychologists in Alicante .

1. Marina Marta García Fuentes

Both for her training and her professional career Marina Marta is one of the most recommended psychologists that we can find in Alicante regarding the treatment of anxiety.

After graduating in Psychology, Marta specialized in the health field by studying a master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. She is also in charge of the Instituto Psicode and its headquarters in Alicante (there is another one in Madrid).

This mental health professional is an expert in treating patients with mental disorders such as anxiety disorders , depression and problems related to fears.

She also has a facet of training as a professor in different universities, in addition to being the author of the book Los Tres Tesoros de Martín . If what you are looking for is couples therapy to provide solutions to moments of crisis, Marina Marta can also offer assistance, in addition to being an outstanding executive coach.

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2. Claudia Corte

Claudia Corte is a psychologist specialized in the care of adults and adolescents. She is part of the team at the Psicólogos-Alicante therapy centre, located in Ensanche Diputación.

On the other hand, besides having a degree in Psychology (from the Universitá degli Studi di Palermo), this professional also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Cognitive-Behavioral Practice (AEPCCC), another in Health Psychology (Universidad Miguel Hernández) and a Diploma in Dance Movement and Relational Expressive Therapy (Scuola di Artiterapie).

As for his professional career, he has extensive experience in the treatment of phobias, pathological grief, anxiety disorders, depression , relationship problems and low self-esteem, among other problems. He can attend in Spanish and Italian.

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3. Mara Girón Requena

Another of the best expert psychologists in anxiety that we can find in this city is Mara Girón Requena .

He graduated in Psychology from the National University of Distance Education and later specialized in different types of psychotherapeutic currents, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, EMDR and meditation and relaxation techniques such as Mindfulness.

Always adapting psychotherapy to each individual case, Mara Girón is an expert in providing solutions to mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders and cognitive disorders. She can also help repair emotional relationships in therapy sessions involving several patients. Mara Giron’s specialities also include psychotherapy for children and adolescents.

You can find her in her private practice at Avenida Maisonnave number 9 in Alicante, located in the city centre.

4. Paula Bonal

Paula Bonal is another of the best options when looking for a mental health professional in Alicante to treat anxiety disorders.

He graduated in Psychology from the University Miguel Hernández of Elche in 2012. He also has three masters in his curriculum: one in Clinical and Health Psychology, another in Psychological Therapy with Children and Adolescents, and another in Conflict Resolution.

It should be added that he has also been trained in several courses among which several dedicated to children’s autism disorders, psychomotor and laterality from 0 to 3 years and learning difficulties.

Besides being a specialist in offering psychotherapy to people with anxiety disorders, Paula Bonal also offers psychotherapy for disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorders and phobia cases.

You can find this psychologist in her private practice in Plaza Alcalde Agatangelo Soler, in Alicante.

5. Sergio Asunción Martínez

Sergio Asunción Martínez , psychologist specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy, has his office in General O’Donnell Street. He can attend patients of all ages and perform both individual and couple psychotherapy.

Sergio has a degree in Psychology from the University Jaume I of Castellón de la Plana and a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the same institution. He has experience in the treatment of forms of anxiety and distress linked to chronic illnesses, phobias, impulse control problems, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc.

6. Elena Manzanera Esteve

Elena Manzanera Esteve has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Miguel Hernández and a postgraduate degree in Clinical Neuropsychology, Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos and the title of University Specialist in Psychopathology and Health from the UNED.

This psychologist is a specialist in anxiety and phobia disorders, depression and relationship crises, among other common psychological and relational problems. You can count on her psychological assistance in her office in Berenguer Street in Marquina.