Most people who seek professional help from psychologists do not have a mental disorder.

This is normal, since psychological intervention is not limited only to the diagnostic categories used in psychiatric manuals. And couples therapy is an example of this.

In this article we will see a selection of expert psychologists in couples therapy in Almeria , with professionals who can help couples and marriages in crisis in this Andalusian city.

The best options for couples therapy in Almeria: recommended psychologists

Below you can find several profiles of psychologists in Almeria with extensive experience in couples therapy and with different characteristics that are adapted to various problems of love, coexistence, communication, etc. In their summarized descriptions you will find their training and way of working, as well as the location of their office, consultation or clinic of psychotherapy.

1. Ignacio GarcĂ­a Vicente

Ignacio García Vicente , psychologist specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, has his office in Rambla Obispo Orberá Street.

This professional has a degree in Psychology from the University of Almeria and a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology from the International University of Valencia and the title of Expert in Contextual Therapies from the University of Almeria, among other postgraduate training programmes.

In the specific work with couples in crisis, Ignacio focuses on contributing to the change of both the habits of the members of the couple, and their thought patterns and beliefs that are damaging the emotional bond. It also provides routines to improve communication and the management of emotions and feelings.

In addition, Ignacio Garcia sees patients in the adult and adolescent age groups, so he can help address potential problems in the education and upbringing of young people caused by the strain on the parental relationship.

To see the contact details of this psychologist, click on this link.

2. Susana Martínez Sánchez

The psychologist Susana Martínez Sánchez has her practice in San Juan de la Cruz Street, in the northern part of the city. Her therapeutic approach is that of Third Generation Therapies, which focuses on the need to focus on the present and take into account the particular context in which each patient or couple being treated lives. In addition, she works both in child and adolescent therapy and in therapy with adults.

Couples who seek professional help of this kind can expect an environment that encourages free expression without fear of prejudice or blame, learning new ways to interpret the other person’s complaints and anger, and realizing that a healthy love relationship is about looking out for one’s own interests, but not falling into a war of egos.

3. Juan GarcĂ­a Cejudo

AlmerĂ­a PsicĂłlogos, center of psychotherapy from AlmerĂ­a directed by Juan GarcĂ­a Cejudo , is also a recommendable alternative for those who look for to be attended by the best experts in therapy of pair in this city.

Here it is possible to treat both problems in the relationship that have to do with communication, coexistence and the management of emotions , and those that arise from sexual dysfunctions and insecurities in intimate life and the expression of affection.

If you are interested in this option, you will find Juan García Cejudo in Calle Navarro Dárax.

4. Luz MarĂ­a MartĂ­n Egea

With more than 15 years attending patients, Luz MarĂ­a MartĂ­n is another of the best options to address problems in personal or couple relationships. This professional has a degree in Psychology from the University of Almeria, and a Master’s degree in Legal Psychology and another in Behaviour Therapy and Health Psychology.

Crisis due to infidelity, problems due to excessive dependence, discomfort due to constant arguments… these are some of the experiences that can be dealt with in your psychotherapy centre.

5. José A. Juárez

JosĂ© A. Juárez specializes in problems that have to do with affectivity, both that which is lived individually and that which involves a whole love relationship. JosĂ© has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Nacional de EducaciĂłn a Distancia (National University of Distance Learning) and a Master’s degree in Sexual and Couple’s Therapy from the Sexpol Foundation.

In his practice in the Nicolás Salmerón Park it is possible to address issues such as fear of commitment, jealousy, boredom and boredom in couples, co-dependence, and many more.

6. Natividad Cambil

In the Paseo de AlmerĂ­a you can find the office of Natividad Cambil , a veteran psychologist with over 24 years experience serving patients with all kinds of emotional problems, relational or other types.

This professional performs individual therapy, couple therapy and also family therapy, for cases in which there is a problem distributed by the relational dynamics that go beyond marriage or courtship.