It is a fact that more and more people are requesting psychological therapy at a distance, either by phone or by using Internet platforms such as Skype or Google Hangouts. Among the advantages offered by this type of session are the flexibility of the time and the avoidance of having to travel to the psychotherapist.

Thus, below we will review the most recommended psychologists for treating anxiety disorders online , with descriptions of each case.

Top psychologists offering online anxiety therapy

We review the best online psychologists for treating anxiety disorders.

1. Sandra Bernal

Sandra Bernal is one of the best online psychologists for those seeking help for problems related to anxiety and stress.

This professional graduated in Psychology from the University of Valencia and also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Practice. She has also specialised in the treatment of emotional dependence, addictions to new technologies and the Internet, logotherapy techniques and strategic short therapy.

Thanks to her experience in the field of mental health and complete training this psychologist is an expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders such as phobias, GAD or panic disorder, depression and situations of low self-esteem .

On the other hand, Sandra Bernal offers therapy by videoconference and support by chat and telephone, adapting to the hourly availability of her patients.

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2. El Prado Psychologists

The Prado Psicólogos is a psychology center located next to the Parque del Retiro in Madrid, and is one of the best centers with which to receive psychological therapy online.

This organization is formed by a team of mental health professionals who combine their knowledge and different areas of specialization to offer a quality therapy adapted to the characteristics and needs of the patients.

Here they offer online therapy to treat problems such as anxiety disorders, extreme shyness, depression and low self-esteem , among many others. They are also experts in family mediation for those families that are involved in negative dynamics.

Among the techniques used in this clinic are those of humanistic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to reduce stress and increase the ability to situate oneself in the here and now.

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3. Natalia Arbesú

Natalia Arbesú is another recommended option when looking for online psychotherapy against anxiety.

This psychologist graduated in Psychology from the National University of Distance Education in the specialty of Clinical Psychology, and also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Practice and a specialty in Systemic Couple Therapy from the KINE Center.

On the other hand, this professional has been trained in the treatment of eating disorders in children, in the management of cyberbullying, and in social skills in the prevention of drug dependence.

This psychologist is an expert in treating anxiety disorders and situations of severe depression, as well as being able to act as a couple’s therapist for those relationships that are in crisis due to lack of trust or poor communication.

4. Aurora Martínez

Aurora Martínez graduated in Psychology and later took a Master’s degree in “Psychosocial Intervention: University Specialist in Child Protection” at the University of the Basque Country, and a postgraduate course in Psychoanalytical Foundations of Childhood Psychopathology. She is specialized in therapy for children and adolescents.

Thanks to her experience in the field of mental health, Aurora Martínez is an expert in treating children and adolescents suffering from anxiety disorders , bullying situations, irrational fears and phobias or learning disorders.

Currently, this psychologist practices at Agintzari and is responsible for intervention in a socio-educational program of the DFG. In her sessions she uses cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, which is one of the most reliable methods of treating mental disorders and emotional problems.

5. Isabel Serrano López

Isabel Serrano López was born in Valencia but currently lives in Albacete, and graduated in Psychology from the National University of Distance Education. She also has a Master’s degree in Psychopathology and Health from the same university, and has specialized training in Civil and Commercial Mediation and as an Occupational Professional.

This psychologist is an expert in offering assistance to people who suffer from anxiety disorders due to stress at work, relationships in times of crisis or bullying , among other situations that undermine psychological well-being. She also has experience as a psychologist to intervene in cases of drug addiction, having been part of the Association of Rehabilitated Alcoholics of Albacete.

This psychologist also offers therapy for couples in times of crisis, whether due to sexual disorders, infidelity, or situations of jealousy or sexual apathy.

6. Sara Montejano Martín

Sara Montejano Martín graduated in Psychology and later completed her studies with a master’s degree in Psychopathology and Health, in addition to specializing in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

He also has other training courses of interest, including intervention in couple’s problems and coaching, so he can act as a coach for people who are before new challenges in their lives.

Always focusing on the characteristics and needs of her patients, Sara Montejano offers an effective treatment in the least number of sessions and with results that last over time for anxiety disorders and their derivatives. Among the specialties of this psychologist are psychological treatments for eating disorders, situations of depression, stress and psychosomatic disorders.