The inhabitants of small and medium-sized municipalities are often the forgotten ones in the field of psychological care.

In the Riojan city of Calahorra we can find, as in any other important city in its surroundings, experienced psychologists , of great value and professionalism who can satisfy any therapeutic need we may have.

With the aim of providing information about these expert therapists, in today’s article we will present the 6 best psychologists in Calahorra, highlighting each one’s professional career, the nature of their professional therapy and the location of their workplaces.

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The 6 most valued psychologists in Calahorra

Anyone interested in receiving quality psychological care in the city of Calahorra will find in this list, all the information necessary to choose the professional that best suits their priorities and treatment needs.

1. Carlos Faulín García

The psychologist Carlos Faulín García is a specialist in the psychotherapeutic treatment of adult patients, whatever the reason for their consultation or their therapeutic needs. This graduate in psychology from the UNED has extensive experience in the application of relaxation techniques during therapeutic exercise to achieve the best results for the patient.

Among the treatment specialties that this professional presents in his psychological consultation, we can highlight a varied number of disorders and problems, especially addictive disorders, especially tobacco addiction and smoking cessation therapies, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem and couple crises or relationship difficulties in the same.

  • Carlos Faulín García’s psychological consultation is located at Calle Ramón Subirán, number 16.

2. Mª Esther Barco Gurrea

The General Health Psychologist Mª Esther Barco Gurrea is without a doubt one of the best psychologists in Calahorra. This widely trained and experienced professional in psychology has extensive experience in the practice of clinical psychology both individually, in adult, adolescent and child patients, and in couples who are going through a bad time and also in families who may need it.

In the consultation of this professional we will find a treatment with a cognitive-behavioral approach, one of the most efficient, based on scientific evidence and on changing maladaptive thoughts to bring about a global change in the patient. Finally, we can highlight that in her practice in Calahorra, all types of disorders and problems are addressed, especially personality disorders, mood disorders and behavioral disorders.

  • If you are interested, you can find this professional’s office at Calle Ramón Subirán, number 1.

3. Yolanda Rescalvo García

The psychologist Yolanda Rescalvo García also offers her psychotherapeutic services in a professional manner and among her specialties, we find the application of gestalt therapy oriented mainly to adult and adolescent patients.

The therapy that this clinical psychologist practices is based on the joint work between patient and therapist to achieve a change in both thoughts and behaviour, and in general, everything that generates discomfort and frustration in the person.

In addition to that, another therapeutic objective on which their treatment is based, is to enhance the qualities and strengths of the patient to achieve a satisfactory and successful therapy in the shortest time possible. Among the main disorders addressed in his therapy, we highlight depressive disorders, anxiety, personal crises, feelings of distress and phobias.

  • Yolanda Rescalvo García’s office is located at Avenida del Pilar, number 2.

4. Ricardo García Garbayo

Ricardo García Garbayo is a psychologist and speech therapist graduated from the University of Salamanca, has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and is also a Senior Specialist in Early Care.

The therapy of this professional is based on a joint work with the patient in order to take full advantage of his or her potential and to achieve the goals set. Some of his treatment specialties are anxiety disorders, sphincter control problems and various emotional problems in the child and adolescent environment.

In the prestigious Carmen León centre, where she works, she offers professional and quality psychological attention oriented to children, adolescents, adults and also specialized in early attention. The consultation is carried out in modern facilities perfectly adapted to psychological practice, in which a climate of trust and security is established, with which to obtain a satisfactory result.

  • The psychological center of this professional is located at 16 Cavas Street.

5. Gloria Los Arcos García

The psychologist Gloria Los Arcos successfully runs her own psychology and psychotherapy practice in which she offers, together with her multidisciplinary team of professionals, quality therapeutic treatment aimed at children, adolescents and adults with any type of need or consultation.

This treatment is based on helping the patient with any problem he may have, through cognitive-behavioral therapy and the application of emotional intelligence, to achieve the best results in therapy. Some of the disorders that can be treated in your practice are, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic disorders, depression and adjustment disorders.

  • Your office can be found at 53 Bebricio Street.

6. Pedro Bella Pérez

The psychologist Pedro Bella is a specialist in clinical psychology and has more than 30 years experience in the practice of psychotherapy. In addition, this professional is an accredited psychologist in psychotherapy, school counselor and expert in therapeutic treatment aimed at children, adults, couples and families in need of psychological care.

This professional runs the Alecea Psychology Centre, where he offers professional and quality treatment. Some of his specializations in treatment are anxiety disorders, depression, autism, learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children.

  • Pedro Bella’s office can be found at 53 Bebricio Street.