In the Valencian district of Soternes, located in the district of L’Olivereta, a good number of trained and experienced psychology professionals are consulting, applying an efficient therapy and whose treatments are accessible to the general public at a reasonable price.

All psychologists usually have the knowledge to treat the same problems, but when it comes down to it, a quality psychologist can be recognized by the humane treatment, closeness and responsibility he or she brings to your practice. To know which are the best psychologists in the area of Soternes and what kind of therapy they offer, in today’s article we present the 10 best psychologists in Soternes, where we will know which services they offer and where their work centres are located.

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The 6 best psychologists in the district of Soternes (Valencia)

Get to know the best professionals in the psychology field in the district of Soternes . In the list below you will find everything you need to know to choose the best psychologist to suit your needs and to get in touch with him as soon as possible.

1. Julia Domínguez Pérez

The clinical psychologist Julia Domínguez Pérez specializes in treating all types of disorders in adolescent, adult and elderly patients through the application of different psychological techniques of proven effectiveness. Her most outstanding academic training includes a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Postgraduate degree in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology, in addition to which she has a professional career of 21 years.

Its treatment is based on the application of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, one of the therapies with the best and most lasting results, since it is based on the scientific method. The main disorders addressed by this professional are, among many others, anxiety disorders, relationship problems and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • If you are interested in requesting the services of this professional, you can find her office at Avenida del Cid, number 172.
  • For more information about Julia Dominguez Perez and to learn more about the services she offers at her workplace, you can click on the following link.

2. Marian Lacruz

In the office of the General Health Psychologist Marian Lacruz we will find a professional treatment oriented to patients of all ages, specifically children, adolescents, adults, as well as couples and families who are going through a delicate moment in their relationship. Among her extensive training we can highlight a University Master’s Degree in Education and Rehabilitation of Addictive Behaviour and a Postgraduate Degree in Neuropsychology.

Currently, Marian Lacruz runs her own psychological practice in Soternes, where she offers professional and quality treatment coordinated by a multidisciplinary team that includes psychiatrists, neuropsychologists and nutritionists. The disorders most frequently treated in her practice are depression, learning difficulties and eating disorders.

  • You can find his office at Avenida Pérez Galdós, number 128.

3. Ana Montilla

The psychologist Ana Montilla attends to patients of all ages, also families, and throughout her experience of more than 25 years, has specialized in a treatment built on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, a technique based on modifying unadaptive thoughts and behaviors in the patient, starting from the present moment and his or her current circumstances during therapy.

Therefore, the main disorders for which we can consult this professional are, among others, learning disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, and personality disorders in adults.

  • Your office can be found at 5 Avenida del Sur.

4. Noelia Isardo Pedroche

Degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia, Noelia Isardo Pedroche has extensive experience in professional treatment aimed at patients of all ages and also couples, who are going through a difficult time or need professional guidance.

Thus, among the long list of problems in the emotional, cognitive or behavioral field, the main disorders addressed in your practice are anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders and problems that may arise in the relationship.

  • His office is located at Avenida del Cid, number 172.

5. Amelia Martinez

Graduate in Psychology from the University of Valencia, Amelia Martínez has a Master’s degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and has been perfecting, for over 20 years, the application of this technique, one of the most efficient, in the treatment of adult patients, adolescents, children, couples and the elderly. Among his patients we find a high rate of therapeutic success, not only because of his extensive training but also because of his work methodology.

In your practice we will find a therapeutic space based on serenity and confidence and a professional, human and close treatment, in which patient and therapist will work together to achieve the best results. Thus, the main disorders or problems that we will find treated in the centre are depression, grief, personality disorders, addictions of all kinds and cognitive disorders in the elderly.

  • You can find the office of this professional at Calle Madre Juana María Condesa Lluch, number 4.

6. Laura Martínez Galán

Laura Martínez Galán is a psychologist and mediator expert in offering professional therapy and also in psychotherapeutic accompaniment, modalities that she has been perfecting over several years of experience. Anyone who is interested can find in her practice a treatment that is close and specialized in addressing all types of disorders that can generate discomfort in the person or in their immediate environment.

The consultation of this psychologist is indicated for adults, adolescents, elderly people and couples. She offers this service individually or in groups and through a humanistic and systemic relational approach, with which she obtains very satisfactory therapeutic results for the patient.

  • You can find Laura Martínez Galán’s office at 30 Gregorio Gea Avenue.