In the Arapiles district of Madrid we can find a great variety of mental health and psychological therapy professionals. Knowing which ones are the best can be of great help to us whether we want to receive therapy or not.

In this article we selected the 6 best psychologists located in the Madrid neighborhood of Arapiles, located in the district of Chamberí . In each of the sections we will highlight the most important aspects of the training of each therapist, as well as their career, type of therapy and specialties.

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Best Psychologists in Arapiles

If you live in the Arapiles area and want to receive psychological attention from the best professionals in the sector, do not hesitate to take a look at our selection of the best psychologists. We recommend that you contact them beforehand and ask what their specialisations are and whether they can deal with our specific case.

1. Agate Kasprzak

We began our selection of the best psychologists in the Arapiles district with the therapist Ágata Kasprzak , a health psychologist specializing in coaching and family and couples therapy, either in person or online. Below we will highlight the main characteristics of this professional.

A graduate in psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, Ágata Kasprzak holds a master’s degree in health psychology and currently combines the study of two masters’ degrees with the practice of individual, family and couple psychotherapy and research at the university.

The psychotherapist Agata Kasprzak is one of the best psychological treatment options for anyone who needs therapy for problems in couples or families. In addition to mastering family and couples therapy, she is also an expert in emotional therapy, humanistic therapy and family systems.

The therapy offered by Agata Kasprzak is aimed at children as well as adolescents, adults and the elderly, and among the most commonly treated disorders we can highlight: relationship problems in couples, co-dependency, coping skills, paternity or divorce, infidelities, and any vicissitude related to maternity, pregnancy or postpartum, among others.

  • You will find Agata Kasprzak’s office in the Glorieta de Ruiz Jiménez.
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2. Maria Contreras

The next professional on our list is María Contreras , psychologist at the Vínculo psychology centre and expert in humanistic therapy and also in systemic therapy as the backbone of her psychological treatment.

In addition to individual therapy at any age, as well as for couples and families, this professional combines therapeutic practice in her private centre with teaching at various universities and gives various training courses in different centres. It is because of her training and experience that we can consider therapist María Contreras one of the best psychologists in the Arapiles area.

Some of the disorders treated in this psychologist’s office are: anxiety, depression, addictions, bullying, sexual problems and eating disorder-specific group therapy (EDT).

  • You will find the office of Maria Contreras at Calle Magallanes number 14 in Madrid.

3. Iván Martín Villa

The psychologist Iván Martín Villa is another of the best psychologists we can find in Arapiles. This expert in cognitive behavioural therapy has been developing his therapeutic career in private centres in Madrid and Seville, as well as collaborating with various NGOs in the sector. Among his other specialities we can highlight that he is also a technician in labour insertion and has been trained in team management.

In the office of psychologist Ivan Martin Villa all kinds of problems are treated, among the most important we can highlight: anxiety disorders, addictive disorders, conduct disorders, personality disorders, phobias, depression and problems in the sexual field.

  • You will find Iván Martín Villa’s office at Calle Conde de Aranda number 15 in Madrid.

4. Silvia Ortega Membrilla

We continue our list by talking about Silvia Ortega , psychologist and founder of the Centro Psicoterapia Vínculo and another of the psychologists that we must take into account if we want to know the best professionals in the area of Arapiles. Below we detail their characteristics.

Silvia Ortega is an expert in neuroscience, cognitive-analytic psychology and systemic therapy for couples and families. Throughout a career of almost 20 years she has been complementing her training with teaching, research and practice of psychology in different private practices. Regarding the nature of his therapies, we can highlight that they are based on a cognitive-behavioral and also integrative vision, taking into account all aspects of the patient’s life.

The disorders addressed at Silvia Ortega’s centre are: eating disorders, of which she is a specialist, addictions, anxiety and depression, sexual disorders, coping with grief and phobias of all kinds, among many others.

  • You will find Silvia Ortega’s office at Calle Magallanes number 14 in Madrid.

5. Elisa Sánchez Delgado

The psychologist Elisa Sánchez Delgado is a clinical and educational psychologist with expertise in cognitive behavioural therapy, eating disorders and also in mediation and family counselling. She is also a member of the team of psychologists at the psychotherapy centre Psicología PSH.

Some of the disorders treated at this center are: depression, personality and emotional disorders, anxiety, self-esteem problems, eating disorders, sleep disorders, child school failure, aggression and anxiety problems.

  • You will find Elisa Sánchez Delgado’s office at 27 Fernández de los Ríos Street in Madrid.

6. Antonio Carmona Villalobos

The psychologist Antonio Carmona Villalobos is a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders, addictions, depression, hypochondria, stress, grief, insomnia, nutritional problems, phobias, personality disorders and cocaine withdrawal.

This psychologist’s therapy is offered to children and adolescents as well as to adults, and his method of therapy is based on the cognitive-behavioral approach, but also taking into account integrative therapies. It is because of all the above, that Antonio Carmona Villalobos is one of the best options to receive psychological therapy in the Arapiles area.

  • You will find this professional’s office at Calle Arapiles number 17 in Madrid.