Going to a sexologist is the best way to solve any problem of a sexual nature experienced individually or as a couple.

Sex therapy is based on the treatment of maladaptive behaviors, emotions and cognitions that prevent a person from developing healthy sexual behavior, as well as problems related to the patient’s sexual orientation or identity.

Therefore, detecting the existence of a problem as soon as possible and putting it in the hands of a specialist will be the best option to achieve a pleasant sex life. In order to provide the necessary information to everyone who may need it, in this article we present the 10 best sexologists in Barakaldo , highlighting the type of therapy they offer and the location of their centres.

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The 6 most valued sexologists in Barakaldo

In the list below you will find the information you need to choose the sexologist in the city of Barakaldo that best suits your treatment needs and contact him as soon as possible to start the treatment.

1. Inpsiko

The first centre we will consider in our list is the cabinet Inpsiko . This is one of the best spaces to receive sexological treatment, and in it we will find professional treatment in the sexual and couple field, specialised in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of disorders and problems both in couples and individually, with the aim of improving the person’s quality of life and achieving a full sexual life.

In this centre we will find a multidisciplinary team of professionals that will offer specific solutions for sexual dysfunctions or paraphilias of any kind that generate discomfort and anguish in the person or the couple and prevent them from living a state of happiness and well-being. Some of the disorders in which the centre’s psychologists specialise are, among others, premature ejaculation, fetishism or anorgasmia, as well as other less common problems.

  • The Inpsiko center can be found at 16 Elcano Street.
  • Contact Inpsiko conveniently through your professional profile.

2. Lohizune Loroño Martinez

General Health Psychologist Lohizune Loroño Martínez is also one of the best treatment options in Barakaldo. This professional graduated from the University of Deusto. Among her most outstanding training we find a Master’s degree in Systemic Therapy and also several courses and different specialities, in addition to that, she is a member of the Spanish Association of Clinical Cognitive-Behavioural Psychology.

In your practice we will find a specialized treatment in couple therapy and sexology, whose treatment is carried out both in couples and individually. Putting into practice both her experience and her training, the sex therapy of this psychologist is based on conceiving both the couple and the individual in a system of inter and intrapersonal relationships in which different factors intervene.

  • You’ll find this psychologist’s office at 7 Eguskiagirre Street.

3. Jon Keltsa Martínez

Jon Keltsa Martínez is the director of the prestigious Viavance centre in Barakaldo, where he directs the psychological therapy area and where he offers specialised treatment in sex and couples therapy for all those adult patients whose sex life is going through a bad patch or who need to improve a certain aspect.

The treatment of this psychologist is carried out both individually and as a couple and the main techniques he puts into practice in his practice are the Cognitive-Behavioral orientation, based on the scientific method and focused on the current moment of the patient and also the Humanist integrative approach, used in the same way to achieve the best results in the patient.

  • If you are interested, you will find this therapist’s office at 45 Avenida de la Libertad.

4. Oscar Espín Milikua

The psychologist Oscar Espín Milikua also offers professional treatment specializing in providing solutions for sexual disorders, both individually and as a couple, that significantly interfere with a person’s intimate life. Anyone who needs it will find in his practice a close, professional treatment based on confidentiality and respect for the patient.

The disorders in which this therapist specializes in the sexual field are sexual dysfunctions of all kinds, without failing to make, in addition, a complete and general therapy on all those problems or discomforts in the patient’s general psychology that may be the cause of the sexual disorder and act in conjunction with the sexual disorder.

  • You can find his office at Calle Merindad de Uribe, number 7.

5. Albor-cohs Group

The centre Albor-cohs also offers sexual and couple treatment by a team of expert professionals, whose treatment is based on closeness, professionalism and putting the patient at the centre of the therapy. In the case of treatment in couples, therapy is carried out both individually and jointly.

The professionals at the centre aim to improve as soon as possible any problem that the patient may have in the sexual and couple area, by means of a guided and methodical evaluation, taking into account the phase in which the couple is in and locating the origin of the problem as soon as possible.

  • This center can be found in Calle Magallanes, number 3.

6. Gran Via Psychological Centre

In the Gran Vía Psychological Centre we will also find sexual and couples therapy carried out by a team of experienced and widely trained professionals. The centre specialises in treating all those problems in the sexual area of the couple and also other problems that have not been able to be dealt with by the couple and that require professional and qualified treatment.

In the center we will be able to find solutions for those problems of the sexual behavior but also to improve the communication in the pair and to solve all those problems of origin that can exist in the same one and generate discomfort or uneasiness in the patient.

  • You’ll find this psychological center at 7 Arrontegi Street.