Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is considered one of the most influential Western philosophers and thinkers of his time , where his works of the “Superman” and “God is dead” stand out, always having a critical sense towards religion and its “enslaving” morality, as he would point out.

Nietzsche based his ideas on a critique of German Western culture, which in the 19th century was subjugated by Christianity, accusing Hegelian rationalism and the conservatism it entailed of undermining the most emotional development and earthly pleasure in society as a whole.

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Nietzsche’s highlights

Below we offer you a series of famous phrases that Friedrich Nietzsche uttered in an intellectual life marked by his diminished state of health (he suffered from syphilis) and his failure in the field of love.

1. Not that you lied to me, that I can’t believe you anymore, that terrifies me

This is how the author described his distrust of people who were not sincere.

2. The individual has always fought not to be absorbed by the tribe. But no price is too high for the privilege of being oneself

Never get carried away by trends or social pressures. Otherwise, do what you think is right.

3. Monkeys are too good for man to descend from them

Nietzsche was very critical of human behavior and warfare.

4. If you try, you will often be alone, and sometimes scared

We always fight against everyone and against prejudices when it comes to thinking differently from others.

5. Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs man’s torment

Friedrich was very little given to pseudo-compassionate talk. He was more of a realist.

6. He who has a reason to live can face all the “hows”

The author often wrote about how to lead a meaningful and fully happy life.

7. Without music, life would be a mistake

His passion was music and Wagner was his most direct influence in his early theoretical years.

8. The destiny of men is made of happy moments, all life has them, but not of happy times

As we mentioned earlier, Nietzsche was very much aware of the theme of happiness in his works and thoughts.

9. Everything that is done for love is done beyond good and evil

Human beings are willing to do anything to conquer love.

10. The foulest word and the rudest letter are better, they are more polite than silence

He was a direct, concise character who ran from political correctness. You have to talk loud and clear.

11. Those who have loved man most have always done him the most harm

A somewhat pessimistic interpretation of love.

12. Independence is not a right, it is a privilege that belongs to a minority

We always find ourselves subjugated to the values and trends of the society in which we live.

13. When suffering comes, look it in the face and face it

We have to be able to face the odds.

14. To seek happiness in faith is not to seek the truth

Faith is not something that can be measured, nor does it respond to the truth of things.

15. In love there is always some madness, and in madness there is always some reason

Love is not something irrational, as they say.

16. Only when we build the future do we have the right to judge the past

We have to be able to look forward, always.

17. The most common lie is the one that people deceive themselves with

That’s how critical Nietzsche is of people who lie.

18. Is man a failure of God, or is God a failure of man?

The existence of God is denied by the author with this reflection.

19. Love is not blind, it is only blinded by the passion within it

Fire and emotion is what drives us to be in love

20. It was man who created God in his image and likeness

Nietzsche believed that God is only the reflection of man, because he wants to dominate the masses.

21. Intellectuality is measured not by intelligence, but by the doses of humour it is capable of using

Although he suffered a lot in his life, he placed great importance on a sense of humor.

22. To become wise one must experience certain experiences, often dangerous ones

You have to deal with situations that are uncomfortable for you and get out of the comfort zone.

23. What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger

In the face of any adversity overcome, one must continue to fight.

24. I need living partners, not dead bodies to carry around

The importance of being surrounded by positive and restless people.

25. The perfect woman is a human being superior to the best of men

Friedrich described the ideal woman in this way. He often worshipped the female figure.

26. Life is too short to be boring

Above all, positivism and enjoyment of life.

27. We are used to life because we like love

Nietzsche justified the existence of the human being in this way.

28. Hope is a much more powerful stimulant than luck

Faith moves mountains, it is said. And hope is part of it.

29. Man has more character when he pursues his temperament, his instinct

Society educates and indoctrinates us to be purely rational, leaving aside our human passions.

30. Sex is nothing but a trap of nature not to become extinct

Perhaps because of the lack of success among women, Nietzsche formulated this reflection.

31. Remorse is like a dog biting a stone: a stupidity

There are no regrets in this life. Everything happens for a reason.

32. Any idealism in the face of necessity is a delusion

Friedrich was an entirely realistic being, with his doses of passion and imagination.

33. Denying the existence of God will be the only salvation of the world

This is how the German author believed the world’s problems would be solved.

34. God is dead, it seems that he was murdered by men

The author had little faith in divinity and its role in earthly life.

35. The age of marriage always comes before falling in love

Sometimes people get married because of family and social pressures.

36. Only the questions that are answered are those that we come to understand

We only analyze what we understand and get answers.

37. War makes the victor stupid and the vanquished spiteful

Wars serve only to alienate and encourage hatred.

38. Politics is the field of work of certain mediocre minds

That’s how critical he was of political science, because it subdues societies.

39. Politics divides people into two groups: the instruments and secondly, the enemies

Once again, it criticizes the instrumentalization of politics by human beings.

40. We have art so as not to die from the truth

Art is what allows us to have a more liberated and expressive society.

41. When you have many things to do, the day has 100 pockets

No need to waste time, the day has many hours.

42. There is a lot for parents to do to justify having children

His father died when he was five, so it may have affected him when he made such a will.

43. There is nothing more hypocritical than eliminating hypocrisy

Contradiction and hypocrisy are part of human society.

44. Man is a being who considers himself a lover par excellence

To love and be loved, seems to be the formula for existence.

45. Without art, life would also be a mistake

Another statement in favour of art as a liberating instrument for people.

46. The mouth may lie, but the grimace of the moment reveals the truth

A sentence to reflect on the lie.

47. Marriage ends a lot of short crazy things with a long stupid thing

Nietzsche constantly reflected on love relationships.

48. The way to everything great is to keep silent

There’s no need to brag about accomplishments. Walk humbly always.

49. I firmly believe that animals see in men a being equal to them

Nietzsche was curious about the animal world and nature.

50. A bad conscience is easily cured. A bad reputation does not

A metaphor that might get us thinking.

51. People who give their full trust therefore believe that they are entitled to the trust of others

A good paradox that presents relationships of trust.

52. No one learns or even teaches himself to endure loneliness

Loneliness as one of the great psychological problems.

53. It is perseverance that makes men great, not force

Power is in the mind, not in the physical.

54. What we do is never understood, only welcomed by praise or criticism

What good is everything we do?

55. We come to love our desire, and not the object of it

Man is tenacious only to achieve what he sets out to do, even if the purpose does not matter.

56. A man’s worth is measured by the amount of loneliness he endures

Again, Nietzsche sees in solitude a strength of mind.

57. The theory of reincarnation is the starting point of the history of man

He didn’t believe in God, but he believed in reincarnation.

58. Among private individuals, madness is not common. Groups, parties and peoples, it is the norm

One more criticism of the values imposed by the collective and society in general.

59. Only after a law has been instituted can one speak of justice or injustice

Laws should not be judged before they are implemented.

60. Every frightened person does not know what it is like to be alone. Behind his shadow there is always an enemy

Solitude as a way of understanding the good conscience of those who enjoy it.