One of the advantages of literature is that virtually any idea can be captured in pages; regardless of the subject area, reading benefits us by giving us an unparalleled means of learning.

That is why there are books that help us improve our well-being, works through which we can go beyond theory and introduce changes in our habits that allow us to feel better and live in a healthier way.

In this article we will see several books to improve the well-being that are recommended for many types of readers : from the one who wants to have a healthy diet, to the one interested in learning to meditate.

Books to Improve Wellness: The Most Recommended

In this list you will see covered several topics related to physical and mental well-being, with descriptions about their contents and approaches.

1. My fast (Jesús Domínguez and Damien Carbonnier)

My Fasting is a book especially oriented to those who want to improve their eating habits from the philosophy of “less is more”. In its pages you will find all the keys to the functioning of controlled fasting, and how it can be used in a balanced way to obtain its benefits and not experience physical wear and tear.

The aim is to re-establish harmony between nutrient consumption and energy expenditure , so that unnecessary fat storage does not occur and the chances of metabolic complications, obesity, and other health problems are lowered.

In addition, the authors of this book are experts who have been professionally accompanying and advising more than 1,500 people during periods of fasting for more than a decade.

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2. The Practice of Mindfulness (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Jon Kabat-Zinn is one of the people most involved in the development and diffusion of the practices of Mindfulness, a group of habits inspired by Vipassana meditation aimed at managing the attentional focus to direct it towards the present moment.

Mindfulness activities, also called Full Attention, aim to regulate emotions and modulate the influence that stress and discomfort have on us, and can be applied in many contexts: in companies, in therapy, in work and office activities, etc. This is why it is one of the most versatile books on well-being in terms of the usefulness of its contents.

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3. Guide for Parents in Distress (Miguel Ángel Rizaldos)

Fatherhood and motherhood are stages that come loaded with new emotions, but it cannot be denied that they also bring with them a great deal of responsibility. On many occasions, even those who have children feel that their lives are totally dedicated to giving the best to their little one, and they no longer have time to take care of themselves.

This book, written by a psychologist with more than two decades in the field of psychotherapy, gives practical advice on how to raise and educate in the most appropriate and efficient way possible, without wasting effort on strategies that do not work , to offer the best to children without that implies a total loss of their own quality of life and wellbeing.

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4. The Science of Happiness (Sonja Lyubomirsky)

Everyone talks about happiness, but knowing its true nature is very complicated. This recommendable book deals fully with this topic to help us understand what it means to be happy and what situations are associated with this state of well-being.

Moreover, all this is done from a scientific perspective that emphasizes the need to start from objective data to understand how we experience life and what happens to us in everyday life.

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5. A Tortoise, a Hare and a Mosquito: Psychology for Pulling (Nacho Coller)

One of the most recommended books to take life with philosophy , without falling into unnecessary dramas and above all maintaining a constructive mentality.

The Valencian psychologist Nacho Coller here combines stories, advice and a very particular sense of humour so that readers are imbued with a way of perceiving reality in which our tendency to self-sabotage loses weight in favour of a proactive attitude and acceptance of life’s imperfections.

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6. There is no such thing as a York ham: The guide to healthy shopping and discovering the secrets of the supermarket (Marián García)

A perfect book for those who want to take care of what they eat by selecting only products that fit well with their nutritional needs. We have known for a long time that supermarkets are full of processed products with a negative impact on our well-being, so the sooner we decide to take action, the better.

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7. Overcoming the Enemies of Sleep: A Practical Guide to Getting the Sleep We’ve Always Dreamed Of (Charles Morin)

A very good option for those looking for wellness books focused on the topic of sleep hygiene and management of sleep problems. In its pages you will find tricks and strategies to fall asleep and to be able to recharge your energies during the night’s rest, something very important considering that the good functioning of our body in general and our brain in particular depends on it.

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