Because it is one of the most important cities in Andalusia, in Seville we can find a great variety of specialized services at our disposal to treat problems that affect our health, whether mental or physical.

In this article we will see a review of the best detoxification centers in Seville to go to in search of therapy for addictions in this city. It is worth mentioning that these centers may specialize in different types of addictions, such as drugs or pathological gambling.

The best detox clinics in Seville

We will now look at some of the most highly rated detoxification centres to go to in Seville, with summarised descriptions.

1. Fromm Welfare

Due to its multidisciplinary team that combines its knowledge to offer one of the best treatments for addictions, Fromm Bienestar is one of the best centres to go to when faced with this type of problem.

It should be noted that in this centre they are experts in addictive disorders such as gambling, alcoholism, cocaine and all kinds of addictions. They have extensive facilities for patients in hospital: gardens, reading rooms, sports area, therapy area, etc.

In this centre patients are treated from a model that combines assistance and resolution of doubts with psychological therapy and reciprocal listening . In this way, a change in behaviour is achieved that makes the patient take the steps to move forward on his own towards a life free of these addictions.

  • If you want to know more about Fromm Bienestar you can find them in Industria Street, Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

2. Neros Group

At the detoxification centre Grupo Neros are experts in treating people who are addicted to psychoactive substances. In their sessions they start with cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the most complete.

This centre can boast a recovery rate of over 70% and has the advantage of offering 24-hour care. They have more than 10 years of experience and have now opened a new facility with all the necessary equipment for their patients.

  • For more information about the Neros Group, you can go to their headquarters in Calle República Argentina, in Seville.

3. Sinderesis Therapeutic Center

If you are looking for both group and individual therapies that also offer medical follow-up and training to improve social skills for people addicted to substances, a recommendable option is the Sinderesis Therapeutic Center .

This centre specialises in offering specific and personalised treatment to people who have acquired a dependency that also causes emotional or cognitive disorders. Among the addictions they treat are psychoactive substances or other types of addictions such as sex and gambling (gambling).

  • If you want to go to the Sinderesis center you can find it in Doctor Antonio Cortés Lladó street, in Seville.

4. Instituo Noa Addiction Center

NOA Institute has one advantage over other options, and that is that the first visit is free. In this appointment, the origin of the patient’s problems will be addressed and the strategy for dealing with them will be outlined.

The key to this centre is the multidisciplinary team that is responsible for generating an atmosphere of trust and empathy. All this is done at the San Cayetano estate, located on the outskirts of Seville, which provides a peaceful environment suitable for recovery.

  • The estate is located in the village of Los Rosales, on the outskirts of Seville.

5. Seville Man Project

The Asociación Proyecto Hombre is one of the best known at a national level thanks to its decades of involvement with addictive disorders in populations of all ages.

This centre, in addition to offering its own treatments to patients, also offers guidance and advice to their families, since they are often collateral victims who suffer as much or more than the patient himself. It is also worth mentioning that Proyecto Hombre also offers training courses to increase social skills and thus make the patient’s reintegration much easier.

  • The Proyecto Hombre is sponsored by the Junta de Andalucía, and you can find it in Seville located in Calle Virgen del Patrocinio.

6. Alicia Rodríguez Aguilar

Alicia Rodríguez Aguilar has a degree in Psychology from the University of Seville and a Master’s degree in Behavioral and Health Therapy from the National University of Distance Education.

She is an expert in meditation and relaxation techniques with Mindfulness. These techniques are useful in the treatment of addictive disorders, as they help to improve and control negative emotions and anxiety.

  • The private practice of this psychologist is located next to the Gran Plaza de Sevilla, on Avenida Eduardo Dato.

7. Detoxification center 10

Centro de Desintoxicación 10 has several locations within the city of Seville and also another on the outskirts, in the town of Alcalá de Guadaíra. Among the services offered are treatments for such diverse addictions as alcoholism, gambling, cocaine, shopping and new technologies (internet, video games, etc.).