Learning to communicate with others can be difficult for many of us, qualities such as assertiveness and empathy can help us to perform this task .

How can we express ourselves so that others better understand what we want to convey to them?

Phrases to improve Assertiveness

By putting ourselves in the shoes of others and being consistent with what we want to achieve from them, we will be able to do so.

Below you can find a selection of the 70 best sentences about Assertiveness and other qualities such as empathy, which will surely be very useful to you to understand better and make you understand more successfully with those around you.

1. Look with the eyes of another, listen with the eyes of another and feel with the heart of another. (Alfred Adler)

We must know how to put ourselves in the shoes of others to understand their point of view.

2. The most precious gift we can give to others is our presence. When our full attention embraces those we love, they blossom like flowers. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Knowing how to listen to those around us can give us many opportunities in life.

3. If you don’t have empathy and effective personal relationships, no matter how smart you are, you won’t get very far. (Daniel Goleman)

In today’s society, personal relationships are very relevant in the pursuit of our goals.

4. Empathy is the complete presence to what is alive in another person in the present moment. (John Cunningham)

Living in the moment can help us to understand better and to explain better to whom we are talking.

5. Empathy is the greatest virtue. From it, all virtues flow. (Eric Zorn)

Knowing how to put ourselves in the situation of our interlocutor will help us communicate much better with him.

6. Empathy takes time; efficiency is for things, not for people. (Stephen Covey)

When we understand the person we are talking to better, our communication becomes much more efficient.

7. The great ability of the human being is that he has the power of empathy, he can feel a mysterious connection with others. (Meryl Streep)

Human beings have the capacity to understand the pain of another living being, a great quality that we must foster in society.

8. We all have empathy and perhaps not everyone has the courage to show it. (Maya Angelou)

Being empathic people can make us see as someone sensitive or emotional and can bring us consequences, depending on which context.

9. I call the religious who understands the suffering of others. (Mahatma Gandhi)

People who are religious usually show great power of empathy and assertiveness.

10. The greatest praise I have ever received is when I was asked what I thought and my answer was heeded. (Henry David Thoreau)

With our attention, we show the other person the appreciation that we process him and the value that he has for us.

11. Attention is the strangest and purest form of generosity. (Simone Weil)

Showing attention to others is a clear symptom of intelligence and emotional well-being.

12. If you want to be respected by others, it is best to respect yourself. Only for that, only for the respect you have for yourself, will you inspire others to respect you. (Fedor Dostoyevsky)

We must respect others as we must respect ourselves, without self-respect we cannot teach others how we deserve to be treated.

13. There is no greater loan than a sympathetic ear. (Frank Tyger)

Our friends and family deserve to be heard, perhaps they have something important to tell us.

14. Learning to be in someone else’s shoes, to see through their eyes, that’s how peace begins. And it’s up to you to make it happen. (Barack Obama)

For a relationship between individuals or peoples to be fruitful, there must be empathy and respect on both sides.

15. We need empathy to give empathy. (Marshall Rosenberg)

The changes we suffer internally are those we can transmit to others, we must change our way of thinking so that others change theirs.

16. Big egos have small ears. (Robert Schuller)

Many times our own thoughts do not let us hear the thoughts of others.

17. Empathy is the experience of external consciousness in general. (Edith Stein)

An empathetic, assertive and respectful society, that is the goal we must pursue.

18. We are born with the capacity for empathy. An ability to recognize emotions and that transcends race, culture, nationality, class, gender and age. (Mary Gordon)

Empathy is the principle of respect, without it we cannot be truly respectful.

19. To perceive is to suffer. (Aristotle)

When we are aware of the pain that other living beings suffer, we too will suffer some of that pain.

20. I don’t like that man. I need to get to know him better. (Abraham Lincoln)

A great quote from Abraham Lincoln that also denotes a great intelligence on his part, the search for knowledge will always lead us to the truth.

21. Empathy is like giving someone a psychological hug. (Lawrence J.)

When we show someone the attention they deserve, they immediately feel comforted and respected by us.

22. We need to have empathy. When we lose empathy, we lose our humanity. (Goldie Hawn)

Without the ability to perceive the pain of others, human beings would be mere automatons. The great strength of human beings is their ability to feel.

23. It can be more difficult to empathize with our closest people. (Marshall Rosenberg)

With those of us who spend more time together, relationships become more automated and predictable. They too deserve our attention.

24. It’s the hardest thing in the world to be aware of someone’s pain. (Pat Barker)

Putting ourselves in the shoes of others can be a very difficult thing to do in practice, our egos and thoughts may not let us do it.

25. The opposite of hate is not peace of mind, it’s empathy. (Mehmet Oz)

To understand the other person, empathy is essential, because without it we can never know faithfully what they want to convey to us.

26. You can’t make a kind gesture too soon because you don’t know when it will be too late. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Making certain concessions in a dialogue can make us look vulnerable in such a conversation, we must first understand our interlocutor and his ideas.

27. If you judge people, you have no time to love them. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

When we put our ideas before the ideas of others, we immediately make a difference between them and us, an insurmountable moral barrier.

28. There’s something about people that only they know. (Ben Harper)

Our thoughts can take us very far in life, we must listen to ourselves and know ourselves in depth.

29. Empathy lies in the ability to be present without opinion. (Marshall Rosenberg)

In any meeting we can discern with the general ideas of others, but still we can also respect them.

30. Empathy gives you the ability to share another person’s pain. (Marshall Rosenberg)

Being able to feel the pain of others can help us find our own values, what we really care about.

31. Empathy represents the basis for all important social competences at work. (Daniel Goleman)

Having the main empathic qualities we can develop our work activity in a much better way.

32. There is no small act of kindness. Every act of compassion makes the world bigger. (Mary Anne Radmacher)

To be more socially active, we must be kind to those around us, this quality, as well as respect can help us a lot in our personal relationships.

33. When I prepare to talk to people, I spend two-thirds of my time thinking about what they want to hear and one-third thinking about what I want to say. (Abraham Lincoln)

To be able to make ourselves understood more efficiently when we speak in public, we must put ourselves in the shoes of our viewers and identify our common links with them.

34. Peace cannot be achieved by force, it can only be achieved by understanding. (Albert Einstein)

In order to reach a consensus with an opponent, we must also understand his needs and objectives; this is the only way to reach an agreement.

35. Intellectual understanding eliminates empathy. (Marshall Rosenberg)

We can understand how a person thinks perfectly, but what are the feelings that lead him to think that way? That’s harder to figure out.

36. Inattention kills empathy. The first step to compassion is realizing the need for another person. It all starts with the simple act of attention. (Daniel Goleman)

If we do not pay attention to a problem, we will never be aware of the repercussions of the problem.

37. True joy comes with empathy. (Tim Finn)

The happiness of others can be our greatest joy, the feelings of others also generate consequences in our own lives.

38. The most important quality that we must strengthen is a deep human empathy, because it will provide the greatest hope and the foundation for collective survival. (Jacqueline Novogratz)

Society must promote qualities such as empathy, because an empathic society can act in a much more just way with respect to its citizens.

39. Empathy allows us to perceive our world in a new way and move forward. (Marshall Rosenberg)

Without the necessary social skills we will not make progress in the pursuit of our goals.

40. Every time you feel critical of someone, remember that all the people in this world have not had the advantages that you had. (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

There will always be someone in a worse situation than you, we must be thankful to be in the situation we are in.

41. Empathy is the opposite of spiritual meanness. It is the ability to understand that every war is lost and won. And that someone else’s pain is as significant as your own. (Barbara Kingsolver)

Being aware of the pain we can cause will help us be more compassionate people in life.

42. You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself. (John Steinbeck)

Seeing ourselves reflected in third parties is something that can happen to all of us, many others in society are or have been in similar situations to ours.

43. I think that empathy is the most essential quality of civilization. (Roger Ebert)

Without the ability to recognize other people or living beings as equals, we would live in a society of predators.

44. Anyone who has experienced a certain amount of loss in their life has empathy for those who experience the loss. (Anderson Cooper)

The difficult situations we go through in life help us to better understand what others are going through.

45. I don’t ask the injured person how they feel. I become the injured person myself. (Walt Whitman)

Sometimes just by looking at a person we can instantly know what they think or how they feel.

46. If there is a secret to success, it lies in the ability to see the other person’s point of view. (Henry Ford)

Knowing how to get into the minds of others can teach us what their needs are and how we can solve them.

47. Reducing an economic gap is impossible without also reducing the empathy gap. (Daniel Goleman)

In order to solve society’s problems, we must first understand why these issues are really a problem, put ourselves in the situation and investigate.

48. Love is an enviable state that knows no envy or vanity, only empathy and desire to be greater than oneself. (Thomas More)

Love is a feeling that helps us to fraternize with other living beings, with enough love and respect everything can be possible.

49. Empathy is the inner experience of sharing another person’s momentary emotional state. (Roy Schafer)

In order to be able to empathize with another person we must do a work of introspection and emotional honesty.

50. No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. (Theodore Roosevelt)

When we show our interest in something, other people will be much more aware of how important it is to us.

51. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to find out exactly what that person is feeling or what is happening at any given time. (Deepa Kodikal)

Understanding others can be very beneficial to us and for that, empathy is essential.

52. You cannot understand another person well and do something else at the same time. (M. Scott Peck)

We need to pay attention to who we are talking to in order to understand what they are trying to convey to us.

53. When you listen to another person with empathy, you give them a psychological air. (Stephen Covey)

When we try to truly understand a person we go deep into their personality.

54. The most basic of human needs is to understand and be understood. The best way to understand a person is to listen to him. (Ralph Nichols)

If we do not pay the necessary attention we will never really discover what the other person thinks.

55. If talking is silver, listening is gold. (Turkish proverb)

By listening, we gain many more benefits than speaking, for by listening we are able to absorb the wisdom that the other person brings to us.

56. Try to understand before you are understood. (Stephen Covey)

In order to communicate better, we must first understand our interlocutor better.

57. The most important thing is that we need to be understood. We need someone who is able to listen to us and understand us. Then we suffer less. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

When someone shows interest in our personal situation, we immediately feel comforted and loved.

58. We have two ears and a mouth to hear twice as much as we talk. (Epithet)

A great quote from Epithet that encourages us to pay more attention to our friends and family.

59. When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. (Ernest Hemingway)

The great Hemingway gives us in this appointment part of his wisdom, undoubtedly a man with some very peculiar qualities.

60. The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behavior affect the rights and well-being of others. (Sharon Anthony Bower)

We must know how others can feel what we are going to convey to them, so that our communication will be much more productive.

61. In life you are treated just as you teach people to treat you. (Wayne W. Dyer)

With our way of behaving, we teach others how we deserve to be treated.

62. Many of us cannot meet our needs, because we say “yes”, when we should be saying “no”. (William Glasser)

Knowing when to stop someone’s feet is something that will help us be much happier.

63. The most important thing I learned to do after forty was to say “no” when it is “no”. (Gabriel García Márquez)

Being honest with ourselves and with others is the best way to make ourselves understood on certain occasions.

64. The healthiest style of communication is assertive communication. (Jim Rohn)

A great quote from Jim Rohn that encourages us to try to be more assertive in our personal relationships.

65. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. (Marilyn Monroe)

We should be proud of who we are and what we can offer others.

66. I hate victims when they respect their executioners. (Jean Paul Sartre)

A very famous and controversial quote from Jean Paul Sartre that encourages us to value ourselves.

67. All you have to do to lessen your fear is to develop more confidence in your ability to handle anything that comes your way. (Susan Jeffers)

Self-confidence is a quality that can help us a lot in life, unmistakably, it is one of the necessary innate characteristics of any good leader.

68. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Eleanor Roosevelt gives us this great philosophy of life, we must not let anyone despise us.

69. We all know that self-esteem comes from what you think of yourself, not from what others think of you. (Gloria Gaynor)

We must care for and cultivate our self-esteem, without it we cannot achieve the person we wish to be in society.

70. Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it. (W. Clement Stone)

Goodness and compassion, they move the world. When we show others where we want to go and how we are going to go, there will always be someone who wants to accompany us.