Coaching is a discipline associated with Psychology , in which the coach guides the client on the path towards his or her objectives and personal development. Thanks to Socratic questions, the coach helps the client to get to know himself better, to improve his emotional intelligence, to overcome his fears and limiting beliefs and to achieve a more realistic image of his goals and needs.

Although the coach can often be seen as a speaker or motivator, in reality, his aim is for the coachee himself to discover his own potential and take responsibility for his own change. Coaching, in short, promotes your client’s self-learning and empowers him in his transformation.

The best coaches in Spain

There are many coaching professionals practicing in Spain. Below you can find a list of some of the best coaches in our country.

1. Rubén Camacho

Rubén Camacho is a psychologist and coach born in Malaga but who has travelled for years and lived in several countries. In his career, he has accompanied as a coach people from up to 5 different countries (Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and Chile) to achieve new goals and the change and transformation they needed in their lives to increase their wellbeing, improve their self-esteem and personal relationships, learn to manage their emotions or improve their productivity and leadership as professionals. He has accompanied everything from executives, politicians and entrepreneurs to teachers, students and parents.

He has a degree in Psychology (UNED) and a Master in Coaching and Talent Management (EUDE, associated with the Complutense University of Madrid). As a result of all his experience gathered during his travels, he founded Empoderamiento, a personal development school totally online where you can achieve the change you need in your life together with Rubén’s help, from home and with freedom of schedule. You can find more information about him by clicking on this link.

2. Nacho Coller

In Valencia, we found one of the best coaches in Spain. He is Nacho Coller, who is also one of the most prestigious clinical psychologists in the city of Valencia. He has more than 20 years as a psychotherapist and an expert in personal growth and development and as a sports psychologist. Coller is well known in social networks, as he has a successful blog,, where he writes about topics related to psychology. He is also known for his appearances in the media, as he collaborates in the program La Tarde in COPE Valencia, and has written articles for the magazines BuenaVida and SModa, both of which are published in the newspaper El País. He is also a lecturer and teacher of post-university training.

3. Enrique Jurado

Enrique Jurado in coach and Director (as well as founder) of D’Arte Human & Business School, a coaching and personal development centre located in Madrid. After working in high positions in the field of marketing in large companies such as Kraft Foods or, he went on to focus on training people through various projects that finally shaped the current D’Arte centre, an entity focused on the development and specialisation of professional coaches based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and other elements of psychology and management of emotions and attention.

Together with his team, Enrique Jurado designs and promotes both short training programmes and Masters in skills such as leadership and team management, prosody and public speaking, emotional management in the context of the company, communication problem solving and many other basic topics for personal and professional performance.

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4. Pedro García Aguado

This psychologist and coach is known for his participation in the television program “Hermano Mayor” and “El Campamento”. He was a former Spanish water polo player, and won the gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics .

After that crash, he had a complicated life. Because of his personal experience, he deals with teenagers and people who have entered the world of drugs. In this sense, he is the author of several books related to personal development and education.

5. Patricia Ramírez

Patricia Ramírez is a well-known sports psychologist and coach , as well as being a reference in the field of personal growth and improvement. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and then went on to do a Master’s degree in clinical and health psychology and a doctorate in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment at the University of Granada. She is the author of several books: Cuenta Contigo , Why do they dream of being footballers and they dream of being princesses? , Help Yourself , Train for Life and Stress Management . He is also a speaker and has a blog where you can find texts and videos about personal development.

6. José Maria Buceta

José María Buceta is one of the most renowned sports psychologists and coaches on the Spanish scene. He has been national coach of women’s basketball and director of the psychology cabinet of Real Madrid . In addition, as an author he has written several books on Sports Psychology and Coaching. Currently, he is the Director of the UNED’s Masters in “Sports Psychology” and “Coaching Psychology”.

An indispensable coach with an absolutely commendable track record.

7. Jonathan García-Allen

Jonathan García-Allen is a well-known psychologist and health coach who offers his services in Barcelona, specifically at the Centro de Asistencia Psicológica Psicología y Mente. He graduated in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, and then studied several masters and postgraduate courses, including Human Resources (University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona), Personal Coaching (University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid), Sports Psychology (UNED), Mindfulness and Emotional Management (University of Malaga, Malaga) and Sports Training (University Isabel I).

Thanks to his experience and training, he is one of the most important experts in personal, organizational and sports development in Spain. He currently works as a mental coach and lecturer at Transfitmation Gymnasium, and is director of Human Resources at LogicMedia, a digital media group. In addition, he is an R+D+I consultant in Iberostar, as an expert in Team Building. As an author, he has worked on two popular books in Psychology: Psychologically speaking and What is intelligence? From IQ to Multiple Intelligences .

8. Fernando Callejo

Fernando Callejo is one of the most important coaches in Madrid . He has a degree in Psychology (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), and a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Expert in Brief Psychotherapy (COP Madrid).

Expert in Coaching (COP Madrid). He is the founder of UPAD, a center of psychologists located in Madrid, which has experts in the personal and professional development of people. In this centre, psychology and coaching sessions are carried out, as well as training for psychologists. If you want to know more about UPAD, you can find their contact details at this link.