Marital problems, couple’s arguments and difficulty in maintaining compatible lifestyles are some of the issues that lead some people to attend couples therapy. However, the choice is not always easy.

In this article we will see a selection of the best couples therapy clinics in Seville , with short descriptions of each one.

The best clinics offering couples therapy in Seville

We review some of the most recommended clinics in the city of Seville for couples and marriages in times of crisis.

1. Cribecca Psychology

At Avenida de la Innovación number 27 in Seville we can find one of the best psychotherapy clinics that offer emotional assistance for couples in times of crisis, Cribecca .

This clinic is formed by 3 mental health professionals, Clara García-Sandoval, Sonia Ramirez and Begoña Acosta, who combine their knowledge in different fields of psychology to offer couples quality psychotherapy.

At Cribecca they are specialists in couples therapy applied to problems such as social skills, communication failures, poor conflict management, anger regulation , infidelities, problems with third parties or the family, insecurity in oneself and sexual disorders.

Focusing on the characteristic problems that each couple has, this clinic delves into the emotional blocks and insecurities that prevent the people who make up the marriage or dating relationship from being able to communicate with confidence.

In addition to couples therapy, Cribecca Psychology also offers psychotherapy for people with anxiety disorders, stress problems, fears and obsessive-compulsive disorders, among others.

  • You can see Cribecca’s contact details by clicking on this link.

2. Laura Méndez Corredera Psychology

Laura Méndez Corredera is a General Health Psychologist , and specializes in the application of the cognitive-behavioral model in therapy, one of the most scientifically supported approaches to psychological intervention.

At its psychology centre located in Seville East (on the Avenida de las Ciencias), it offers both child and adult therapy, as well as couples and family therapy. With regard to couples therapy, the techniques of the cognitive-behavioral model allow for modulating behavior patterns and ways of interpreting reality so that they are much better adapted to a form of healthy coexistence without easily avoidable conflicts.

On the other hand, people seeking therapy to treat problems such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD or low self-esteem, among others, will also find this center a recommendable option to go to.

  • To see more information about this alternative, click here.

3. Fromm Welfare

The center Fromm Bienestar is another of the best options for couples therapy in the eastern area of Seville.

Its team of psychologists attends to people of all ages, and offers assistance with problems such as emotional dependence, jealousy, infidelity crises, mismanagement of arguments and anger, etc.

  • You will find the facilities of Fromm Bienestar in Calle Industria nº 1, Mairena de Aljarafe.
  • Access their contact details by clicking here.

4. Rocío López Psychology

The psychologist Rocio Lopez is a couple’s therapist and a psychotherapist of individual sessions.

In his practice on Betis Street he offers psychological assistance for adults in the face of problems such as insecurity due to sexual identity, jealousy, constant arguments, crises due to infidelity, lack of communication or quality time together, boredom, etc. In addition, it also performs sex therapy, in case there are sexual dysfunctions of any kind.

  • In this link you will find their contact details.

5. You are psychologists

If we find ourselves in a moment of marital crisis or with difficulties with our partner SOS Psychologists can be another of our options when seeking emotional assistance in couples therapy.

This clinic of Psychology and Sexology of Seville is formed by 3 professionals of mental health, Antonia Sánchez-Barbudo, Jerónimo Herrera and Cinta González. In Sos Psicólogos, relational dynamics are improved through various techniques such as communication styles, deep understanding, expression of feelings and the approach to negative feelings that undermine confidence in others, such as anger, envy, disinterest and jealousy .

It is interesting to know that in addition to the services of couple therapy and sexology, we also offer psychotherapy for adults, children and groups or families, and psychological help for problems such as anxiety disorders, fears and phobias and cases of depression and mood.

6. Aide Psychology

Aidé Psychology is another of the most recommended clinics that we can find in Seville when looking for couples therapy in this Andalusian city.

This psychological office opened its doors in 2006, and is currently formed by 4 mental health professionals, Carmen Miera, Begoña Ramos, Rebeca Lajos and Virginia Guzmán.

Among the services offered are sex and couple therapy, psycho-pedagogical intervention and training in different courses such as relaxation, communication, self-esteem and adaptive thinking.

In addition, on the website of this clinic you can find various interesting readings, such as the monograph on transsexuality, gender violence and sexual addictions. If you want to contact this psychotherapy clinic you can find it in Sinai Street, Seville.

7. Artea Sexology

Artea Sexología is another of the recommended options in the Andalusian capital .

One of the advantages of this center is that it is totally specialized in treating couple and marriage problems in addition to offering psychotherapy to sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, premature ejaculation and sexual apathy.

The team of this centre is led by 7 mental health professionals who combine their different fields of work to offer the patient a complete and effective psychotherapy whose effects last over time.

Among the entities with which this centre collaborates are the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Seville, the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Regional Government and the University of Almeria.

8. Psychopathic

Psychopathy is another of our best options if we are looking for therapy professionals to assist us in times of marital crisis and relationship problems.

This clinic is formed by Blanca Isabel Soria, who has a degree in Philosophy and a master’s degree in Psycho-Affective-Sexual and Couple’s Therapy and the psychologist Laura Muñoz Henares, who is an expert in Health Psychology and Systemic Family Therapy. Among the couple problems that these psychotherapy professionals treat are power struggles, the dissatisfaction produced by monotony and stagnation in a relationship and lack of sexual desire.

It should be added that they also offer psychotherapy for adults with mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, stress problems and cases of low self-esteem.