Anxiety is one of the most relevant phenomena of mental health and psychological well-being in general, because it contributes to the development of a great variety of psychopathologies and problems of management of emotions and personal relationships.

Not for nothing are anxiety disorders one of the most important categories addressed in clinical psychology and psychiatry. Virtually everyone can have a problem with anxiety and stress at some point in their life.

But… how do you choose a psychotherapy professional capable of offering support with guarantees of effectiveness? In this article we will focus on the capital of Aragon and will see a selection of the best expert psychologists in Anxiety in Zaragoza , each with their summarized descriptions.

The best psychologists offering anxiety therapy in Zaragoza

These are several professional profiles that you should consider when seeking help for anxiety. In each one you will find their specialties and location.

1. Adrian Pino Bonacho

Adrián Pino is a psychologist and member of the team at Terapéutico en Alza, a reference centre for psychological assistance in the city of Zaragoza.

This professional is an expert in psychological problems derived from anxiety, as well as psychosomatic disorders, bodily manifestations of poor management of anxiety or stress. Thus, it can be the option sought by those suffering from problems such as insomnia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, psychosomatic disorders of all kinds, phobias, psychological trauma, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, tics, and others.

It works in the care of adults and adolescents, starting from an integrative theoretical perspective that puts the focus on the subjectivity and uniqueness of each patient, in order to provide the therapeutic tools that best suit each case. In addition, he has a Master’s Degree in Limited Time Psychotherapy from the Institute of Limited Time Psychotherapy.

  • The Therapeutic Center in Alza is located at 39 Sta. Joaquina de Vedruna Street, Zaragoza.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

2. Miriam Blasco Miguel

Miriam Blasco is a General Health Psychologist, and specializes in Third Generation Therapies applied to adults, children and adolescents. Through tools such as Mindfulness or cognitive restructuring, she helps her patients to adopt new habits that weaken the propensity to suffer from excessive anxiety.

Among the problems that this professional can treat are low self-esteem, addictions, phobias, panic disorder, anger management, and other stress-related disorders and modulation of emotions.

  • The office of this professional is located at 9 San Miguel Street.
  • If you are interested in knowing more about her, you will find her contact details here.

3. Inés Arredondo

Another recommended option for those who are looking for the best expert psychologists in anxiety in Zaragoza is Inés Arredondo , a professional with more than 20 years of experience.

This psychologist specializes in contextual therapies, and in addressing problems such as excessive stress, addictions and learning disorders in children. She also offers couples therapy.

  • You will find Inés Arredondo’s office at Calle Maria Lostal nº 22.

4. Arantxa Martinez Bardaji

Arantxa Martinez Bardaji is a psychologist and sexologist whose centre is located in the Actur area. Hers is one of the most recommended options for those who have anxiety problems that affect their sexual life and the expression of emotions in intimate moments.

Beyond the obligatory Degree in Psychology, this professional has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Spanish Association of Behavioural Psychology, another in Sexology from the Algaraia Society of Sexology in Granada, and is a specialist in Clinical Hypnosis, among other post-university training programmes.

  • His office is on Alfonso I Street.

Judit Bona Urbano

The General Health Psychologist Judit Bona is another highly recommended option, especially for those interested in child and youth psychotherapy applied to stress and anxiety problems.

The paradigms from which he starts his work with patients are cognitive-behavioral therapy and Third Generation Therapies. In addition, he has a lot of experience treating the typical problems of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, who are very sensitive to anxious stimuli.

  • You will find this professional in the office of Fernando Gracia Gazulla Street, Zaragoza.

6. Mercedes Andreu Bielsa

Mercedes Andreu is another recommended professional in the treatment of patients in adulthood as well as children and adolescents.

He has over a decade of experience in addressing therapy issues such as low self-esteem, phobias, managing excess anxiety, misuse of social skills, mood disorders, trauma, and others.

  • His psychotherapy centre is at Paseo Gran Vía nº 5.

7. Paula Tovar

Health psychologist Paula Tovar is a professional in therapeutic assistance to children, adolescents and adults, as well as being the Director of the Instituto de Altas Capacidades de Aragón and collaborating with several hospitals and educational entities.

This professional has experience in areas such as the psychological consequences of domestic violence, couple problems, anxiety management in social interactions, and addictions, among others.

  • You can find his office in Calle Felipe Sanclemente.

8. Rebeca Benedí Aguilera

Rebeca Benedí attends both in Zaragoza and in Utebo, and offers psychological assistance to patients of all ages in problems related to the management of excessive anxiety, as well as early care. You will find her at the Jota Salud Medical Centre.