With more than 100,000 inhabitants, Alcobendas has an interesting offer in terms of psychotherapy services . In fact, the number of psychology professionals working here is large enough to provide various options in each of the areas of therapeutic intervention: therapy for adults, child and youth therapy, couples therapy, etc.

In this article we will see different recommendations about where to go to treat problems such as excessive stress, phobias, depression, marital crises and, in general, everything that can damage our psychological well-being. Along the next lines there is a selection of the best psychology clinics in Alcobendas .

The best psychology clinics offering therapy in Alcobendas

This is a brief list of psychotherapy centres in Alcobendas that are recommended, along with information about their services, their characteristics and the physical location of their consultations.

1. MJD Psychology

The psychologist María Jesús Delgado López , whose office is located at Calle del Pintor Murillo nº 33, is one of the most recommendable options to take into account if you are looking for the best psychology centres in Alcobendas.

This professional works based mainly on the tools and principles of humanistic therapy, combined with Ericksonian hypnosis, EMDR, Mindfulness, and others of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

María Jesús Delgado López has a degree in Psychology from the UNED, a Master’s degree in Clinical and Trauma Intervention with EMDR (from the Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy) and a Diploma as an Expert in Brief Couple’s Psychotherapy (from the same institution), among others.

In her practice, this psychologist assists adults and adolescents , and intervenes in problems such as divorce crises, low self-esteem, management of emotions, family conflicts, and many more.

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2. Originating clinics

Clínicas Origen is one of the most important mental health care entities in Spain, and has a presence in several cities in the Community of Madrid, including Alcobendas. Its centre in this municipality is in the western part of Alcobendas, in Calle del Marqués de la Valdavia.

In this place you will have all the advantages of going to an entity with many resources, a variety of intervention materials, and the possibility of doing therapy online beyond the face-to-face.

3. Buel Psychology

The psychotherapy center Buel Psicología is located in Paseo de la Chopera , and offers psychological assistance to patients of all ages working from cognitive-behavioral therapy.

This type of psychotherapy aims to modify both the beliefs and way of thinking of people, as well as their habits when relating to the environment and others, ie their behavior.

In addition, Buel Psychology stands out for its service of detection and treatment of eating disorders through the PETICA Method, although it also works with many other psychological disorders and problems: depression, couple problems, stages of mourning, ADHD, sleep disorders, etc.

4. Rosalía Menéndez Psychology

The Health Psychologist Rosalía Menéndez has her practice in Calle del Marqués de la Valdavia, where she offers professional help to people with a wide variety of ailments: hypochondria, personality disorders, substance addictions, poor impulse control, depression and other mood disorders, etc. In addition, it also performs couples therapy.

On the other hand, it can attend patients in person, and also offers online therapy by video call.

5. Psychological Center

Under this very descriptive name hides a recommendable option for any person who is considering going to the psychologist in Alcobendas.

In this entity, which you can go to by going to their centre in Marqués de Valdavia Street, it is possible to find very useful professional support for people with problems such as anxiety disorders, dysthymia and depression, relationship problems (boredom, jealousy, infidelity crisis, etc.).

6. AELE Psychology, Speech Therapy and Education

Another psychology clinic you can find without leaving the centre of Alcobendas is AELE .

This is an entity that already by name shows its wide range of services. Indeed: here we work both on speech therapy and psychotherapy and on school reinforcement and study techniques for the youngest members of the house.


Another of the best psychology clinics in Alcobendas is CEPAE, which you can find in Calle Marqués de Valdavia .

Here it is possible to find services both in psychotherapy for children and adults, and in forensic psychology, and as for the first of these two areas, you will find treatment for problems such as low self-esteem, lack of assertiveness and communication skills, discomfort in a couple’s relationship…

8. NVAG Psychology

The psychology centre of Natalia Verónica Aguado Guadalix, NVAG Psychology , is also a good idea when it comes to psychotherapy in this city.

The group therapy sessions are the most important of this entity, a modality with which we work a lot here. In addition, Natalia Verónica Aguado has been trained in very diverse procedures and thought from different paradigms of psychology, and works from an eclectic model that integrates them.