The Gracia district, located in the northwest of Barcelona , is one of the most charming and personalised districts of the city. This is due to the multiculturalism and opportunities that this district offers in many professional and leisure areas.

Another of the aspects to emphasize of the district of Grace is that it is simple to find centers of psychology and private cabinets of quality in which to give treatment to any type of problem that we are suffering.

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The best centers offering therapy in Gracia

Next we will see some of the best rated psychotherapy centres in the Gracia district , together with a description of these and the address where they are located, in case you want to go to them.

1. Psychotools

Psicotools is one of the most outstanding centres in GrĂ cia and also in all of Barcelona thanks to its multidisciplinary team and experience in dealing with patients with all types of problems.

It is interesting to know that Psychotools offers a free first session where three points are targeted. The first one is to identify the factors that diminish the mental well-being of the patient, the second one consists of an orientation about the process of psychotherapy that is going to be applied and third, to inform about the estimated duration of the therapy and the price of it.

This centre stands out for its effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety disorders, in which it uses meditation and self-knowledge techniques such as mindfulness. It is one of the most prestigious clinics and receives the highest ratings for its professionalism and quality.

  • This centre is located in Avenida de Vallcarca, in the district of Gracia.
  • Contact Psicotools comfortably from your professional profile.

2. Clinical Psychology Cabinet BPB

The Gabinete de Psicología BPB , directed by Belén Pont Balcázar, is another of the most recommended in the area of Gracia and has more than 20 years of history.

This center is specialized in helping people who are in a moment of emotional dependence, suffering from anxiety disorders with and without depression. Another of the most outstanding services of the psychology cabinet BPB is the Neuroscience, thanks to the fact that Belén Pont Balcázar has a great experience in this field.

  • This centre is located in Av. PrĂ­ncipe de Asturias in Barcelona.

3. Advanced Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is well known among the psychological community that cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most reliable when it comes to providing solutions and treatment for problems such as anxiety disorders, stress situations or panic attacks.

In this way, in the Advanced Center of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , they are specialized in this type of therapy, so it is one of the most recommended options we have. The center is formed by Eva Baillès and Xavier Torres.

These two experts combine their areas of expertise to offer their patients results that last over time and improve mental well-being.

  • The Advanced Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is located in Gran de GrĂ cia Street, in Barcelona.

4. Michèle Rodríguez Astuguevieille

The Michèle Rodríguez Astuguevieille centre is another of the most recommended, although this time it is part of a different kind of therapy than the ones we have seen so far. Michèle is part of psychoanalysis.

Michèle Rodriguez, after finishing her degree in Psychology, began her work experience as a pedagogical doctor in Paris, where she also formed part of the area of child and adolescent psychology, focused on the treatment of children and adolescents with problems such as depression, learning disorders and attention deficit and hyperactivity.

This psychologist has also attended many congresses and conferences focused on LGBT issues and assistance to women subject to medically assisted procreation.

  • We can find Michèle Rodriguez’s private practice between Fontana and Gracia, in the Plaza de la Libertat.

5. Patricia Maguet

Patricia Maguet is another one of the best professionals we can find in Gracia district if we need first level psychotherapy.

She has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 1992 and a Masters in Systemic Family Therapy from the same institution.

One of the differentiating factors of this psychologist is that she is totally specialized in group and relationship therapy, focused on helping couples who find themselves in moments of crisis either due to inability to communicate without aggression, jealousy and distrust or problems with third parties, who are usually family members.

Thanks to this and to her more than 25 years of experience, Patricia Maguet is one of our best cards if we are in GrĂ cia and we are looking for this type of psychotherapy.

  • The private cabinet where Patricia Maguet is located is in Montmany Street, in Barcelona’s Gracia district.

6. Anna Garriga MartĂ­n

Anna Garriga MartĂ­n is a psychologist at Gracia specialized in sexology and sexual and couples therapy and is part of the CĂ­ane center, one of the most recommended centers in Gracia, thanks to its multidisciplinary team.

Anna Garriga has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Barcelona and also has two masters, one in General Health Psychology and the other in Clinical Practice in Psychotherapy.

This psychologist regularly collaborates with the association Placer ConSentido, where she offers talks related to sexual health and relationships. It is interesting to know that this psychologist starts from an EMDR base in her sessions and is also on social networks, where she shares interesting information related to her specialties.

  • You can find his office in Pi i Margall Street, in the district of Gracia.

7. Meritxell Bellatriu LĂłpez

Meritxell Bellatriu is another of the psychologists that we can find in Gracia, although she is specialized in a type of psychotherapy that we have not commented on until now. This is sports psychology.

This psychologist enjoys working with dynamic and proactive people who have new goals at a semi-professional and professional level and is an expert in offering them such psychological assistance.

In this type of session, Meritxell focuses on exploiting the qualities of the athletes she treats so that they can optimize their emotion management and achieve these challenges as effectively as possible.

  • This psychologist is also part of the CĂ­ane centre and is located in Carrer Pi i Margall, in GrĂ cia.

8. Espai Neutral

In Espai Neutral we will find a space of trust where we can go in case we need therapy for psychological problems.

Among the skills that stand out from the team at this centre are individual, couple and child therapy, coaching services and continuous evaluation of results to ensure that the patient does not relapse into his or her problems.

From this center we can highlight the treatments focused on emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety and can also assist psychologically to children with high abilities or gifted. This last service is important since this type of children need an attention designed to their characteristics.

  • The headquarters of this centre is located in Carrer de les Medes, in GrĂ cia, Barcelona.