Valencia is one of the most important cities in Spain, with almost 800,000 inhabitants (INE, 2018). Of course, there are many psychologists in this city who have become known for their great professional work and their excellent work. In this case, we will focus on the sector of the couple’s therapy clinics in Valencia , through a selection of the best places to attend in the face of marriage crises, love conflicts, etc.

Best psychology clinics in Valencia

Psychological and relational problems are frequent nowadays, so going to psychotherapy sessions can be very useful to recover happiness when one goes through a bad moment.

If you live in Valencia and want to know which are the best professionals in Clinical Psychology and the most reliable psychotherapists, in the following lines you can find a list with the best clinics of Psychology in the city of Valencia .

1. Origin Psychology and Psychiatry

Origin Psychology and Psychiatry is the largest chain of mental health care clinics in Spain. In fact, only in the city of Valencia this institution has several centres.

At Clínicas Origen it is possible to find a large team of psychotherapy professionals specialized in all areas of psychological well-being. Thus, people of all ages with problems such as phobias, low self-esteem, depression, poor emotional regulation, learning difficulties, bipolar disorder and many other psychological phenomena that wear down the quality of life can find guaranteed treatment.

In addition, in Origen Psychology and Psychiatry, patients are seen both in individual sessions and in couple or family therapy . There is also the possibility of online psychotherapy.

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2. Mariva Psychologists

Mariva Piscólogos is a psychology center located in the center of Valencia . It consists of three psychologists who specialize in various areas, both adult psychology (self-esteem, anxiety, couples therapy, negativity, personal crises, sports psychology …) and child psychology.

This centre stands out for its effectiveness; they are pioneers in offering guaranteed results, as they use the latest and most effective techniques. It is a welcoming space where the quality of patient care is paramount.

It should also be noted that they offer therapy in English, hold numerous group workshops and provide expert reports.

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3. Nacho Coller

Nacho Coller is one of Spain’s best-known psychologists, thanks to his great work as a psychotherapist and his media skills.

He has been working in the field of psychotherapy for more than 20 years , during which time he has helped many people to get to know themselves better, to leave behind their limiting beliefs, to learn tools to improve the way they resolve their internal conflicts or to live in harmony with themselves and with others.

In fact, as this psychologist says in his interview “Nacho Coller: I thought that being a psychologist would control my depression; what a mistake”, he is very aware of what it is like to live in a situation of serious psychological distress, something that has helped him a lot in the professional field. Coller is an expert in the treatment of depression and the different anxiety disorders (panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, phobias, etc.) and, in addition, he has also developed his career in the field of Sports Psychology and Personal Development .

This charismatic Valencian combines his work as a therapist with that of a lecturer, professor of post-university training and disseminator in Psychology. He is the author of the book “A tortoise, a hare and a mosquito”. He has a great presence in social networks, as he has a successful blog:, and collaborates with the radio program “La Tarde en COPE Valencia” and the television program “À punt directe”.

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4. Sara Navarrete Center for Psychology

The center of psychology of Sara Navarrete, located in Gran Via del Marqués del Túria , is another of the best clinics for couples therapy in the city of Valencia.

In this organization, Sara Navarrete offers psychological assistance both in relation to couple problems linked to communication, affectivity and cohabitation , and in those aspects in which a relationship crisis may affect the family dynamics and the raising of children.

Furthermore, as this professional also works in the field of patient psychotherapy and mental health care, she can also help to deal with the discomfort caused by marital crises, lack of confidence in a love relationship, anxiety in the face of uncertainty or fear of divorce, etc.

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5. No Addictions

As its name suggests, Without Addictions is a psychology clinic specializing in addictive disorders and dual pathology.

This centre is directed by Sara Meca , a General Health Psychologist who holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (Behaviour Therapy Centre), an Official Master’s degree in Prevention and Rehabilitation of Addictive Behaviour (UCV) and a Master’s degree in Advanced Specialisation in Severe Dual Pathology (Cardenal Herrera CEU University), among other specialist qualifications.

This entity offers psychological assistance and professional support to people with chemical and behavioral addiction problems, such as alcoholism, benzodiazepine addiction, or gambling. In addition, it works from the cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the most scientifically supported.

  • The therapy center Without Addictions is located in Avenida del Marqués de Sotelo nº 5.
  • You can contact the centre Without Addictions through their professional profile.

6. Luis Miguel Real Psychology

The center of psychology of Luis Miguel Real is another of the most recommended options in terms of psychological therapy in Valencia. This professional is a psychologist specializing in addictions and disorders of stress management and emotions, such as depression or occupational stress.

Here you can find psychological assistance for adults and adolescents from a psychotherapist trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, among other tools. He offers individual and couples therapy, going beyond the treatment of diagnosable disorders.

As a curiosity, on their website you can subscribe to their newsletter, in which you can find reflections, recommendations and useful information for your day to day.

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7. Sandra Bernal Psychology

The psychology consultation led by Sandra Bernal is a recommended place to find treatment for depression, anxiety, psychological trauma, sexual dysfunction from psychological causes, or the regulation of anger and conflict in relationships.

Here we offer therapy for adults based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, very useful tools to achieve recovery processes with consistent effects that are maintained over time.

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Valencian Institute of Psychology (INVAL) is another of the psychology centres in Valencia to be taken into account by those who live in this area of the Spanish Levant.

From its team of psychology professionals, both training courses and psychotherapy sessions are carried out to treat problems such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, depression, sexual dysfunctions, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or social phobia, among others.

  • You can find their facilities on the Gran Via Germanías.

When to go to therapy?

Some life situations can lead us to have to deal with negative thoughts and feelings that limit our potential. Psychological therapy can help us to reinterpret these events and turn them into a positive one.

Going to psychological therapy is the way to regain good feelings and know how to manage the complicated situations that life throws at us. If you are in Valencia and are looking for a prestigious psychology clinic where you can begin psychotherapy, any of the five options mentioned in this article are a guarantee of close and professional treatment.