The psychotherapy is effective in overcoming many problems that occur throughout our lives. Despite the fact that there are many studies that support the effectiveness of psychological treatment, on many occasions the person who needs help is not aware that they have the problem or avoids facing reality.

Reasons to see a psychologist

But, how bad do things have to be to know if you really have to go through a psychologist’s office? Here are some signs that may indicate that it is time to stop suffering.

1. Nothing you have done so far seems to work

Many people feel anxiety for months or suffer in the workplace for years, and the situation does not change. Many people live constantly with depressive symptoms and do nothing to change it, something that is known as learned helplessness. Others have read thousands of self-help manuals , go for a run every day or go to yoga classes, but their moods remain the same.

It is possible that, in these situations, the problem is more profound, for example: a belief problem . If you don’t stop doing things to change your situation but see that you are still suffering, it’s time to pick up the phone and contact an expert in psychological therapy.

2. Your friends or family are tired of listening

You’ve been in three failed relationships, but you can’t stop blaming others for your love failures. The friends and family who used to listen to you, already prevent you from talking about the same thing every day.

Besides, no matter how much advice you get, you’re still doing exactly what you did the first day, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change the situation you’re in. If you feel identified with this situation, you should seriously consider going for a consultation .

3.You start abusing substances to relieve negative symptoms

When the going gets tough, it is easy to turn to substances that will relieve the symptoms momentarily, such as alcohol .

It’s also okay to have a drink once in a while, but if the reason for its use has to do with a negative mood, then it’s a serious problem. What at first may seem like a relief, in the future may be a very serious complication.

4.Your acquaintances are worried about you

Maybe it was a friend who asked you if everything was okay or a relative who told you that he sees you changed. People who know you may know if you are going through a bad time in your life .

If you are getting this kind of feedback , you better start reflecting on what is happening in your life.

5.You keep thinking about the negative

Everything that happens to you in life has a negative tint. The doomsday thoughts are your first reaction to everything that happens and you are having a hard time living from day to day, as you don’t feel like doing anything.

It’s normal to go through a period of grief when you end a relationship, lose a job, or can’t get into the college you want. If this state of mind persists for many months, you should make a change as soon as possible .

6.You feel an aggressiveness that you cannot control and you think everyone is against you

If you are at war with everyone and this is affecting your relationships, there may be an underlying problem that makes you feel this way. Outbursts of anger may be on the increase and this could be dangerous.

The sooner you go to a psychologist to fix what is causing your discomfort, the less harm you will do to the people around you.

7.You have great difficulty sleeping

If you have great difficulties in resting , disconnecting from situations or falling asleep, and this is affecting your daily life and your work, you should go to a specialist to solve it and return to normal.

Adequate rest is the basis for enjoying the day.

8.You don’t enjoy things the way you used to and nothing motivates you

It may be that, in the past, you performed activities that produced a feeling of well-being, but now those same activities do not produce a pleasant sensation .

If you add to that the fact that there is nothing that motivates you in life, you may need help to get back to enjoying the day-to-day. If the problem persists for a long time, this may be a symptom of depression. But don’t be alarmed, and take action in time.