We often forget how important therapy is in the child and youth field, and that good early psychological care can be highly positive for the child and benefit his or her development.

Here we will see a selection of the best child psychologists located in Reus . In each of them you will find their therapy specialities, their background and services they offer, and the location of their centres.

The 9 best child psychologists in Reus

Consult this list to see several recommended options for child psychotherapy in Reus.

1. Mariona Díaz Isern

With almost 20 years of experience, Mariona Díaz Isern is one of the best options for those looking for the best child psychologists in Reus. This professional specialized in child and youth therapy graduated from the Australian James Cook University, and has a master’s degree in educational psychology and a postgraduate degree in child psychotherapy, which makes her one of the most recommended options for psychological treatment in children.

The main disorders that this professional treats in her workplace are: Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Learning Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bullying Aftermath, Selective Mutism and others.

  • Mariona Díaz Isern’s psychological consultation is located at Antoni Gaudí Street, number 9.

2. Annabel Sanfeliu

The child psychologist Annabel Sanfeliu has a degree in psychology from the University of Barcelona and a Masters in paedopsychiatric training and child and adolescent psychology, as well as in neuropsychology from the UOC. Her therapeutic approach is the cognitive-behavioral one, one of the most efficient, based on modifying the patient’s thoughts to change his or her mood or emotions.

Some of the issues addressed by Anna Sanfeliu in her psychological treatment are: behavioral problems, impulse control, neurodevelopmental disorders, mood disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, school phobia and school failure.

  • You can find the office of this professional in Raval Sant Pere, number 31.

3. Mireia Valera

The general health psychologist Mieria Valera is a graduate of the Rovira i Virgili University and has extensive experience in child and youth therapy. Among her specialties we can highlight neuropsychology and educational psychology, being the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy one of the most commonly applied in the field of child psychology.

As a member of the therapeutic team of the Nova Ment centre for psychology, Mireia Valera addresses the following problems and psychological disorders: anxiety and stress disorders, depression, low self-esteem, lack of social skills and sleep disorders.

  • Mireia Valera’s office is located at 45 Avenida de la Salle.

4. Olivia Sacristán

In the psychological center of Olivia Sacristán we can find professional treatment for any psychological disorder that patients present in child population, from an integrative perspective to obtain the best therapeutic results.

Olivia Sacristán’s treatment, as far as child therapy is concerned, focuses on addressing problems such as anxiety, depression, conduct disorder, eating disorders and low self-esteem, as well as extreme shyness.

  • The office of this professional is located at 34 San Juan Street.

5. Anna Toset Masdeu

The psychologist Anna Toset offers in her practice a quality treatment oriented to children from 3 years of age. She obtained her degree at the URV in Tarragona, and is trained mainly in systemic family therapy.

The main problems it deals with in the area of children are emotional dependence, dependence on new technologies, low self-esteem, the consequences of bullying, developmental disorders, selective mutism and ADHD.

  • You’ll find his office at Passeig Sunyer, number 16.

6. Daniel Gómez Ortells

Degree in psychology from the University Jaume I, Daniel Gómez Ortells is an expert in child and youth therapy. His therapy is based on the cognitive-behavioral approach, but also taking into account other techniques applied jointly in the treatment.

The problems frequently addressed by this psychologist are anxiety, stress, social phobia, addictions, depression, grief for the loss of loved ones and social skills deficits.

  • His practice is located on Avinguda de Sant Bernat Calbó, without number.

7. Miguel Alcaraz Fernández

Miguel Alcaraz has extensive experience in psychotherapeutic treatment oriented to children and adolescents, especially from cognitive-behavioral therapy, strategic brief therapy, systemic and integrative therapy.

The main problems he addresses in his practice, in the area of children, are anxiety, tantrums and bad behavior at home, trauma and depression.

  • Miguel Alcaraz Fernández’s office is located at Paseo Prim, number 23.

8. Veronica Torres

The child psychologist Veronica Torres specializes in clinical neuropsychology, in addition to addressing in her practice all kinds of psychological disorders relatively common in children. The main ones are developmental disorders, learning difficulties and depression.

  • Your practice is located in Calle de Tívoli, Reus.

9. Joaquim María Solé Montserrat

Doctor Joaquim María Solé Montserrat is the director of the centre Psicomedsalud and a specialist in the treatment of addictions in patients of all ages. Other disorders he addresses in his practice are: childhood depression, personality disorders, conduct disorder and autism

  • You can find his psychological center in Carrer de l’Hospital number 42.