We live in a very demanding society, and there are many people who sooner or later decide to go to psychological therapy to overcome some problem that interferes with their well-being. Unfortunately, there is still some prejudice when it comes to going to the psychologist.

However, attending psychotherapy sessions does not imply that a person is weak. These sessions are key to learning new psychological tools, so they can help us improve our quality of life and well-being and, ultimately, become more mentally resilient.

Mental health centres in Barcelona

The benefits of psychological therapy are many and varied: it gives the possibility to learn how to manage stress better, to treat unfounded fears, to train in communication skills… everything depends on each case. And where can people who live in Barcelona and want to improve their mental well-being go? In this city there are many centres specialised in psychotherapy. In the following lines you can find a list of the best mental health clinics in the Catalan capital.

1. Appointment Clinics

CITA Clinics is an entity created to provide support and assistance to people with drug dependencies, based on their detoxification programs. This organization has facilities in Barcelona and Dosrius (Mataró), and offers the possibility of receiving support 24 hours a day either in person or online.

In addition, the detoxification processes take place in a space in contact with nature, where there is always something to do to stay active as the drug loses its protagonism: do sport and exercise on the slopes and in the gym of this centre, receive physiotherapy sessions, read or walk around its gardens, attend therapy with horses, enjoy its swimming pool, etc.

  • To see more information about CITA Clinics, click here.

2. VillaRamadas

VillaRamadas is an international centre for psychological treatment; it has worked with Spain since its inception (20 years ago) and currently has 35 countries in its international relations portfolio. This entity is made up of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, whose members include doctors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, advisors/counselors, social workers, nurses, and more.

Its therapeutic model (Change & Grow) was created by the CEO and clinical director of VillaRamadas, and is based on five fundamental values: Truth, Acceptance, Gratitude, Love and Responsibility, focusing on changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors and therefore allowing psychological, emotional and behavioral growth to occur.

3. Psychotools

Psicotools is a psychology centre located in the north of the district of Gràcia (district of Ballcarca) formed by 7 professionals specialized in different areas of psychological intervention.

Here we offer both psychotherapy services and assistance in areas such as psychopedagogy, neuropsychology or the use of Mindfulness to manage states of anxiety.

This is a very important option for those who need help with problems such as stress, low self-esteem, phobias, depression, or problems with socialization .

  • You can see Psychotools’ contact details by clicking here.

4. BarnaPsico

This psychology office in the Les Corts district offers a combination of close treatment and flexibility in the services provided: from child and adult psychotherapy, to family and couple therapy and training courses.

BarnaPsico, located at 18 Montnegre Street, is directed by psychologist Santiago Luque Dalmau , a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy, leading a team of 5 specialists in different areas of mental health.

In this mental health centre, problems as common as depression, anxiety crises, couple conflicts, maturity delays, phobias , learning disorders, etc. are treated.

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5. Orbium

Orbium is a psychological and psychiatric assistance centre that specialises in the treatment of addictions, whether chemical (due to drugs) or behavioural. It currently has a presence in both Barcelona and Madrid.

This health centre is made up of professionals with a consolidated professional career, with a lot of experience helping patients of all ages and who can intervene in cases of problems such as alcoholism, heroin and cannabis addiction, and also gambling, video game or social network dependency, etc.

  • Its centre in the Catalan capital is at Avinguda de Roma 109.

6. Centre Terapèutic Gena

Centre Terapèutic Gena is a highly recommendable option as a clinic for the treatment of addictions, a field of psychological intervention in which this entity specializes. Moreover, the fact of working from a gender perspective is one of its signs of identity.

On the other hand, Centre Terapèutic Gena also offers other types of services that have to do with emotional and psychological well-being in general and personal relationships, such as couples therapy, mediation or intervention to help patients with self-esteem problems, poor regulation of emotions, etc.

  • On this page you will find more information about the centre.

7. Chiron Health

Quirón Salud is one of the leading health services in Spain, with a presence throughout the country. Specifically, 44 hospitals, many of which are in the Barcelonés area.

In this center it is possible to find different health specialties, among them Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology and Psychiatry and Mental Health. Therefore, it has a team of highly trained psychologists , who treat mental health problems from a multidisciplinary approach. Especially recommended in cases of severe mental disorder.

8. Center of Psychology Canvis

A great therapeutic option to overcome psychological and relational difficulties that affect a person’s life is the Center of Psychology Canvis. All the psychologists at this centre carry out high-quality work in psychological assistance.

It is a welcoming center where patients find a comfortable and safe environment to share their problems and solve their concerns. In addition to face-to-face therapy, Canvis Psychology Center is known for offering home therapy. If you want to know what the advantages of this modality are, you can read the article “Psychology at home: a new way of attending patients”.

9. Tetouan Psychological Diagnostic Centre (Cedipte)

The Centro Diagnóstico Psicológico Tetuán (Cedipte) is a great therapeutic option for those people who live in the city of Barcelona, since this center, besides psychological therapy, offers other health-related services, such as coaching, physical therapy, nutrition or osteopathy. In addition, it has a cabinet specialized in legal psychology.

Some of the psychological problems they treat are emotional dependence, mood disorders, anxiety disorders , separations and divorces, stress, sexual problems, personality disorders, etc.

At Cedipte you can also find online courses and face-to-face training for psychology professionals.

Looking for online therapy?

Some of the centers you can find in this list offer online therapy in addition to face-to-face therapy. Online therapy offers a number of special benefits, including easier availability and lower cost. It allows you to receive therapy from the comfort of your home, without having to travel, while maintaining your anonymity, offering greater coverage and access and lower cost.

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