The Centre of Psychology and Training Cepsim opens a new office in the Salamanca district, in the area of Avenida América , spacious and bright and with warm and equipped facilities for families, couples and individual therapy. It has five offices and is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 10 pm.

The Cepsim Psychological Centre

Cepsim is one of the centres with more trajectory and projection in Madrid ; it has been attending for more than 30 years and has been growing, being already 16 the professionals who form the team.

This opening is included within a group of centres where currently about 250 people are attended, with the most frequent problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias, life crises, among others, including those who present more difficulties to go to the clinic such as addictions or personality disorders.

The experience of these years has made us reflect on human beings, their peculiarities, recognizing that all people need similar things, which help us to grow and develop but not in the same way, and how psychological problems appear when this does not occur in a favorable direction for us.

Therefore, we rely on a holistic, integrative work, which considers the person as a whole that works together : his body, his mind, his emotions, his relational and social environment; and that has to be treated as a whole and not only from a single perspective.

Thus, we bet on an integrating team where there are psychologists trained in various theories and techniques, from the most classic to the newest: cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, humanistic and gestalt therapy, systemic therapy, EMDR, among others. This makes our professionals have a vision of the whole, to intervene on various levels.

Furthermore, our experience has confirmed that people are not affected by the same things in the same way and this is also true of psychological techniques. In our work, we therapists adjust to the patients and not the other way around; to be able to adapt the treatments to the needs of each person in the most effective way.

Therefore, from the first interview, we select the practitioner who can best fit each case , and the patient can choose to change if they wish.

This flexibility is achieved thanks to the variety of training that is an indispensable requirement for Cepsim’s psychologists, who have continuous internal training in the latest advances in psychology, and are committed to continue updating their knowledge. In fact, Cepsim’s team has its own trajectory in scientific and popular publications.


In Cepsim Avenida de América we offer different services such as individual therapy, in person or online, for adolescents and adults, couple therapy, Mindfulness training, training for health professionals and internships for students of Master in Health Psychology, from different universities. In addition, several of our therapists speak other languages , and therapy is currently available in English and French.

About the therapies

In Cepsim we are specialists in several psychological disorders and problems such as anxiety, phobias, depression, family and couple problems, eating problems, sexual problems, addictions, trauma, grief, anger management, personality disorders, grief, phobias, abuse, emotional dependence, psychological support to the LGBT group among other problems. We also provide guidance in different processes and decision making.

But in this presentation, we want to highlight our Specialized Trauma Unit . When we have lived through a specific trauma (sexual abuse, bullying or mobbing, or mistreatment, natural disasters) or we suffer trauma in childhood; there is information stored in our mind, which, not being able to integrate itself in an adaptive way, remains emotionally active, causing all kinds of symptoms and discomfort in the present, when apparently, everything goes well in life.

For this we rely on and combine traditional therapies with the latest psychological techniques and procedures, very effective in reducing the emotional burden so that the information is integrated in a more adaptive way through the processing of that information; such as EMDR, hypnosis, re-scripting, narrative therapy, the Internal Family System or dissociation treatment models. Thus, the team has extensive knowledge and experience in post-traumatic stress and dissociation.

We are aware that this can only happen when a quality therapeutic relationship is established , based on trust, respect, authenticity and acceptance without judgment. Many patients come to the clinic with shame, fear, rejection or guilt, when they tell what ails them. We then try to make therapy a safe and empathetic space to address their problems. In this sense, we give great importance to the relationship that is established between each therapist and each patient, who collaborate together looking for the recovery as the main goal, trying to relieve the suffering in all its aspects.

We are also aware that each person is unique , which is why the treatment is personalised, i.e. adjusted to each person, to their needs and demands, and taking into account their history, their character, their personal situation when they come. People who come to change their behaviour do not require the same therapy as those who want to understand who they are.

Sometimes it will be necessary to assess the impact that thoughts and behaviors have on a person’s life and relationships, so that they can be effectively modified.

Other times it will be more important to give space to your emotions, to what the things that happen to you mean, or to understand why you behave this way instead of repeating automatisms.

Therefore, therapists have a flexible attitude towards their techniques and theoretical models, as the priority is the patient’s well-being. The results are expected and visible in the short term, generating greater authenticity and enjoyment, as well as expanding the resources we all have to face the different challenges that life puts before us.

Training services

The Centro Psicológico Cepsim offers a Mindfulness workshop open to all. Through its practice, people learn to keep themselves in the present moment, paying attention to the here and now, becoming an observer, in order to be fully aware, and not be dominated by overwhelming emotions or thoughts. Recently team members have published a guide to guide their practice.

We give importance to the performance of the professional team as a whole, which is why we hold periodic supervision meetings of the clinical practice, where all the members of the team constantly participate. This space is attended by interns from the Master’s in Health Psychology, who come from different universities.

In addition, several members have carried out their clinical work in public health organisations , such as hospitals, centres for care in violence, mental health centres both in Spain and abroad.


We consider from Cepsim, that it is very important to spread psychology, so we have a blog with more than 200 articles written by our team and we also have the project of publishing books on different topics, last year we published a book of Mindfulness and soon will be published a small manual on anxiety.

In addition, with the aim of disseminating different aspects of psychology, the coordinators and other psychologists on the team frequently participate in the written and digital press and on the radio ; conducting interviews, reports or specialized opinion consultations on various topics in different current media and specialized magazines.

The coordination team of Cepsim Avenida America

This new centre is coordinated by Oceania Martín Recio and Candela Molina Gutiérrez, both general health psychologists with extensive training and experience.

Oceania Martín Recio attends to problems linked to the emotional world and to early traumas. He is a specialist in Third Generation therapies and is trained in approaches from Gestalt therapy, Internal Family System, EMDR (Processing through eye movements) or Mentalization-based therapy, and also has tools such as Sandbox and Psychological First Aid.

She is co-author of the book Mindfulness for everyday life and one of the trainers of our Mindfulness workshops. She is always looking for the improvement and well-being of her patients, and continues to train in new ways of doing therapy to alleviate psychological suffering.

Candela Molina Gutiérrez has been trained in Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, Traumatology and her preferred approach is Humanistic Psychotherapy, accompanying her patients to achieve greater authenticity and internal coherence; addressing the corporal, emotional and rational as a whole. It is specialized in recent trauma and post-traumatic stress.

She is an expert in Clinical Hypnosis, and has been trained in other techniques such as EMDR, Trauma Re-telling and Trauma Re-scripting. In addition, she frequently collaborates in scientific research on various topics.

In addition, the new centre has a team of experienced psychologists who, based on the philosophy we have described, always seek personal well-being and development.