The mindfulness technique is becoming increasingly popular as a therapeutic alternative to classical modalities. Knowing the best professionals who put it into practice can be of great help to anyone interested in it.

In this article we will see which are the 10 best Mindfulness Centers in Madrid and also the main characteristics of each of them, as well as their location.

Top 10 Mindfulness Centers in Madrid

Anyone interested in mindfulness and wishing to learn the technique from qualified professionals can consult our list of best mindfulness centers.

1. Mindfulness Center Madrid

The Madrid Mindfulness Center is one of the most important centers in Spain for courses and treatment with this avant-garde technique. This centre offers all types of mindfulness education focused on children, women, pregnant women, educators and companies, as well as anyone who wishes to learn about this therapeutic technique.

The most emblematic course of the Centro Mindfulness Madrid is the 8-week course based on MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). In this course, each participant is taught the necessary mechanisms to apply a correct mindfulness therapy. Among the most important ones we highlight: firstly, technical knowledge about mindfulness, then training in full concentration, in the acquisition of body awareness and finally identifying negative thought patterns and changing them.

Finally, it should be noted that this very popular course, although initially applied to the reduction of stress, has been proven to provide a large number of associated benefits, among which we highlight: reduction of anxiety and various disorders in the person, learning to regulate emotions and control thoughts, improved emotional intelligence skills and increased overall well-being.

  • You can find the Madrid Mindfulness Center on Gran Vía number 95,
  • For more information about the center, click here.

2. IPSIA Centre

Another centre that we cannot ignore among the most experienced in the mindfulness technique is the IPSIA centre in Madrid. The Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies offers, among other therapies, mindfulness, hypnosis, EMDR therapy and neurolinguistic programming, in addition to the classic therapies of clinical psychology.

The mindfulness therapy offered by the center has been shown to benefit the individual in reducing anxiety as well as phobias, chronic pain and depression. This novel therapy also has great benefits in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, impulsivity and eating disorders.

  • The IPSIA centre is located on Gran Via 95.
  • You can contact IPSIA through their professional profile.

3. MDM Clinical Psychology

The center MDM of clinical psychology is directed by psychologist Maria Diaz Medina, who with more than 10 years of experience, has managed to specialize in psychological therapy based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy and also in the technique of mindfulness.

The disorders treated at this centre are: depression, pregnancy-related disorders, self-esteem problems, relationship problems, stress, anxiety and mood disorders.

  • The MDM Center for Clinical Psychology is located at 36 Maiquez Street.
  • Contact MDM through your professional profile.

4. Begoña Fernández Centre for Psychology

The Centro de Psicología Begoña Fernández specializes in psychological care based on classic therapies such as cognitive-behavioral and acceptance and commitment, but also on novel techniques such as neurolinguistic programming and mindfulness.

The psychologist Begoña Fernández, director of the centre, has more than 20 years’ experience in the practice of psychological therapy and is an expert in treating all kinds of disorders based on mindfulness therapy.

  • The Centro de Psicología Begoña Fernández is located at 93 Fuencarral Street.
  • Contact the Begoña Fernández Centre comfortably through your professional profile.

5. Mindfulness Vivendi

The Mindfulness Vivendi centre is another classic offering mindfulness-based psychological care.

This centre specifically offers the classic stress reduction programme or MBSR, a technique based on the application of the principles of full attention to the reduction of stress and anxiety, but which provides a wide range of subsequent benefits.

Some of the techniques provided by this mindfulness program are: learning to focus attention and regulate thoughts, focusing on the present, improving response in stressful situations and achieving states of relaxation in any situation.

  • The Vivendi Mindfulness Center is located at 17 Avenida de Pablo Iglesias.

6. Experiencing Mindfulness

The Experiencing Mindfulness centre in Madrid is also one of the best that we can find in the city, of those specialized in the application of this very interesting technique.

The centre offers a wide range of courses and workshops in mindfulness education and therapy to companies and institutions and to patients both individually and in groups.

In terms of individual mindfulness psychotherapy, we can highlight that it is aimed at both children and adults and can be carried out on the basis of acceptance and commitment therapy or mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. These techniques provide different benefits for the person, among which we highlight: reduction of anxiety and stress, treatment of post-traumatic stress and phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

  • The Experiencing Mindfulness center is located at Paseo de la Castellana 219 in Madrid.

7. City Yoga

The City Yoga Centre in Madrid has a wide range of courses in yoga and mindfulness as well as Pilates, aimed at children, pregnant women, families, companies and anyone who wants to learn any of these three techniques.

The most complete mindfulness course is based on the 8-week MDSR program, and includes a complete learning of the technique. This learning is based, first of all, on practicing and learning meditation exercises, stretching, relaxation and learning the regulation of emotions and thoughts.

The teachers in charge of teaching the course are fully prepared to teach all the techniques and to clarify any doubts that may arise in the process and, in addition, they propose exercises to be carried out at home in order to consolidate the knowledge obtained in class.

  • The City Yoga Center is located at 43 Artists Street.

8. Mindfulness Madrid North

The centre Mindfulness Madrid Norte offers its clients the MBSR-based mindfulness program so that anyone can learn this technique and reap its many benefits.

The program is geared towards adults, youth and children alike, and positive results are guaranteed.

  • The Madrid Norte Mindfulness Center is located at Calle de Mauricio Legendre, number 2.

9. Psycho-health

The centre Psycho-health offers psychological care for any disorder that the patient may present and is directed by the psychologist Ana Lucas Prieto, an experienced professional specialized in the mindfulness technique, EMDR therapy and also the cognitive-behavioral approach.

It is another centre that has specialised in these techniques, so it can be a great option.

  • You’ll find the Psycho-Health Center at 55 Hilarion Eslava Street.

10. Mindfulness Corner

The last centre we will talk about is El Rincón de Mindfulness , a centre that has branches in several cities of the country and that is specialized in teaching the technique of mindfulness in a professional way.

The dissemination and training on mindfulness is focused on companies, educators, psychotherapists and in general, anyone who wants to learn the technique.

  • El Rincón de Mindfulness is located at Calle Doctor Gómez Ulla, number 16 in Madrid.