Top 10 psychologists in Tudela

Top 10 psychologists in Tudela

As the second city of Navarra, Tudela has a good number of psychotherapists and important health centres that offer their services in a professional, efficient and satisfactory manner.

In today’s article we will present the 10 best psychologists in the municipality of Tudela, so that anyone who lives in the city or its surroundings will know first-hand the services that these professionals offer. In each of the psychotherapists, we will highlight their background, the type of therapy they offer and their location.

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Top 10 recommended psychologists and psychotherapists in Tudela

Consult our list of best psychology professionals if you live in the city of Tudela . You can contact them and ask for more details about the type of therapy they provide, their schedules, location and all the information you need.

1. María Dalila Jiménez Sierra

The psychologist María Dalila Jiménez Sierra is an expert in the application of new technologies in psychological therapy to obtain a satisfactory and efficient result for the patient. In her work centre, a series of virtual reality treatments are applied to patients of all ages to treat different disorders that generate discomfort in the patient.

Among the main disorders that this psychotherapist can address, through her state-of-the-art psychological technique, we can highlight: anxiety disorders, phobias, relationship problems in couples, social skills deficits, depression, school failure and low self-esteem in both adults and children.

  • Maria Dalila Jimenez’s psychological consultation is located at 3 Pablo Sarasate Street.

2. Mariuca Casquero León

Mariuca Casquero is part of the team of professionals at the Centro de Atención Psicológica Integral in Tudela, where her therapists treat all types of disorders in patients individually, in adults, adolescents and children, in couples, families or in groups.

Among his disorder specialties, we can highlight the treatment of: depression, stress, addictive disorders, mainly gambling, sex addiction and substance abuse, sleep disorders, social isolation and aggression.

  • You can find his office at Calle Fernando Remacha number 1.

3. Sabina Mussons Simon

The psychologist Sabina Mussons Simón offers personalised psychological attention to patients of all ages who may have a psychological, behavioural or cognitive problem. Her specialties include mindfulness, coaching, emotional intelligence and leadership building in adults.

Thus, her extensive psychological knowledge allows this professional to treat a wide variety of disorders, among which we highlight: conduct disorders, psychological trauma in adults, depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, sexual-type disorders, anger management, enuresis, insomnia and self-aggression.

  • This professional offers online therapy in Tudela.

4. María Paz Fernández Gallego

This psychologist has specialized in scientific cognitive-behavioral therapy for more than 20 years. This therapy, based on modifying the patient’s thoughts and conception of reality, helps this professional to efficiently treat children, adolescents, adults, families and couples.

Among the wide range of treatments offered by the psychologist María Paz Fernández , we can highlight the following disorders: anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, bullying, self-esteem problems, communication problems and emotional dependence.

  • His office is located at Calle Fernando Remacha number 1.

5. Ana Manero Gracia

Anyone who wants to receive quality psychological care can go to the office of the psychologist Ana Manero Gracia, who offers therapy to patients of all ages. This professional specializes in solution-focused brief therapy, based on a short-term therapeutic approach, in which all efforts are focused on finding solutions and not so much on the problems.

As for the disorders treated in his practice, we highlight: anxiety, sadness and depression in children and adults, enuresis, phobias, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, adjustment disorders and relationship problems in couples.

  • His office is located in Calle Sor Gerónima de la Ascensión number 5.

6. Helga Ortega

Psychologist Helga Ortega is an expert in neuropsychology and solution-focused brief therapy, a technique that offers great therapeutic results due to its effectiveness. In her practice she practices individual, couples and family therapy.

The disorders addressed by Helga Ortega are based primarily on problems of brain or cognitive development, brain injury, and cognitive impairment or dementia.

  • You’ll find his office at Cuesta de Loreto, number 18.

7. Elena Pascual

The clinical psychologist Elena Pascual attends to patients of all ages who may need to see a psychologist more or less urgently. The main disorders that this professional takes care of are, among others: problems of depression, anxiety disorders, loneliness, addictive disorders, stress and behavioural problems in adolescents.

  • Your practice can be found at Avenida Santa Ana, number 27 in Tudela.

8. Óscar Rodríguez

The psychologist Óscar Rodríguez offers professional therapy to organizations and companies as well as to individual patients. Among his specializations we find the treatment of: anxiety, depression, improvement of leadership, improvement of intra-family and couple relationships, work orientation and improvement in social relationship deficits.

  • This professional’s office is located at 40 Juan Antonio Fernández Street.

9. Román Gonzalvo

The general health psychologist Román Gonzalvo has a 15-year career in the practice of psychology. This professional treats all types of disorders that the patient may present, and among the psychological therapies that he dominates are cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, family and comprehensive.

  • His office is located in Calle General Pardiñas, number 81.

10. Natalia Andrés Almela

The clinical psychologist Natalia Andrés Almela has a consultation in the centre of Tudela and specialises in treating all types of problems and disorders that patients may present, in an effective and professional manner.

  • You can find it at Paseo Herrerías and Calle Granados number 4.

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