Coaching is one of the most popular disciplines associated with psychology today. However, many people have a misconception of what a coach is, as they believe it is a motivator.

The coach is a professional of personal development who uses different tools of self-knowledge and emotional intelligence, among others, so that he is the client, that is, the coachee, the one who empowers himself in front of the change and is able to leave behind his limiting beliefs, enhance his qualities and favour his learning.

The coach is a professional of the help, different from the psychologist-therapist or the mentor, and therefore to be able to develop the tasks associated with it, a specialized training path is necessary .

The best coaching courses

If you are interested in becoming a coach, in this article we have prepared a list of the best coaching courses so that you can train with the best guarantees.

1. Executive Coaching Certification Programme -ACTP- (Escuela Europea de Coaching)

  • Center: European School of Coaching
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: Depends on levels
  • Price: Consult with center

The Escuela Europea de Coaching (EEC) is a training institution in several countries, including Spain. You can take this training in different cities. For example, Valencia.

One of its most successful programs is the ACTP Executive Coaching Certification, which trains its participants as coaching professionals to achieve the accreditation granted by the ICF . This training allows students to learn skills and tools necessary to practice professionally with maximum guarantees. It has two levels: Cycle I and Cycle II. To be able to study the second level, it is necessary to obtain the first one. It has three formats: presence, intensive and international intensive.

  • Learn more about this program through this link.

2. Own Master in Professional Coaching with Emotional Intelligence and NLP (D’Arte Human & Business School)

  • School: D’Arte Human & Business School
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 1500 hours
  • Price: Consult with center

D’Arte Human & Business School , one of the leading training centres for professionals in the Spanish capital, offers one of the most recommended training programmes for those who wish to specialise in coaching and emotion management: its own Master’s Degree in Professional Coaching with Emotional Intelligence and NLP

This training and specialization program is especially interesting for those who want to specialize as a business coach, trainer, or coach, and focuses on the need to have a global vision of the functioning of human feelings and emotions, something of vital importance in the organizational context, where many positions of responsibility are very good at a specific task with high added value but lack real leadership and the ability to improve the group dynamics of the corporation.

On the other hand, in this Master each student has an individual mentor, whose function will not only be to guide and solve doubts, but also to carry out 6 coaching sessions for the student.

Its 1500 hours are divided into two cycles, which include both online study and face-to-face participation and 40 practical sessions with real clients. In addition, the classes are recorded so that you can review them from home and not miss anything.

On the other hand, D’Arte Human & Business School also has other courses and training programs in coaching that may interest you, not all of them focused on team dynamics. For example, this training centre offers an Expert course in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, another one in Introduction to Coaching, another one in Communication and Public Speaking, and many more.

  • The facilities of D’Arte Human & Business School are located in Calle Albasanz nª 38.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

3. Course of Practical Methodology in Sports Psychology and Coaching (UPAD)

  • Center: UPAD Psychology and Coaching
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 220 hours
  • Price: 480 Euros

If you are in Madrid and wish to attend a face-to-face course, you can do so at UPAD Psychology and Coaching, a centre for psychologists in this city. From this institution they provide training for professionals in psychology and personal development. One of their most popular training courses is the “Course of Practical Methodology in Sports Psychology and Coaching” that trains their students in the theoretical and practical skills needed to intervene effectively with athletes and sportsmen of any specialty.

The course lasts 6 months, and is aimed mainly at psychologists and students of Psychology in the final years of the career, and offers the possibility for them to learn the skills and resources needed to apply the methodology of coaching in the field of sport. The students of this training have the possibility of doing external practices. To have more information about the course, access this link.

4. Coaching Certification Program (Centro de Estudios del Coaching)

  • Center: Center for the Study of Coaching
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: Depends on levels
  • Price: Consult with center

The Centro de Estudios en Coaching de Madrid offers the Coaching Certification Program, which is carried out in five annual editions and three formats (weekend format, working format and intensive format).

This course has small groups to encourage learning and offer personalised training , with 12 supervised sessions per student. It also includes a coaching process with a senior coach. It has two levels: basic and advanced.

5. Expert Course in Professional Coaching (COANCO)

  • Center: COANCO
  • Location: Malaga
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Price: Consult with center

If you are interested in training as a coach, you can do it in Malaga, in the COANCO Center.

With this course you can become an expert in this practice and learn to master the Socratic method and other techniques of motivation and achievement of objectives such as the SMART model or the GROW TM method, applicable to the business environment to improve the productivity of workers .

The programme of this training action is designed to enable you to acquire the skills to be a good coach (respecting ethical and deontological rules, establishing the coaching agreement and the trust and intimacy with the client necessary for an effective relationship with the coachee, active listening, designing actions, etc.).

Besides. deepens the field of emotional intelligence and provides the necessary tools to help and guide people to achieve their goals and improve their well-being and happiness through this practice that enables self-learning and awareness of the client.