Alcoholism is a serious addiction, which affects both the person who suffers it and his or her environment and which can be extremely harmful, even causing death, in the event that it evolves without the proper detoxification treatment.

In order to provide the necessary information for everyone who needs this type of treatment, below we will present the 10 best clinics for the treatment of alcoholism in Mataró , also highlighting the type of therapy offered in each one and its location.

Treatment of alcoholism in Mataró: the 10 most recommended centres

In the city of Mataró and surroundings we can find a good number of professional and specialized clinics in the treatment of alcoholism, they are the following ones.

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1. Clinic Appointment

The Clinica Cita has 40 years of experience in the field of detoxification and the treatment of addictions of all kinds using the most avant-garde methods and a team of renowned professionals. The clinic has an unbeatable natural space and facilities specially adapted to obtain the best therapeutic result with the patient.

Anyone interested in obtaining alcoholism detoxification treatment will find in this clinic a professional, methodical and effective treatment, endorsed by the different patients who have passed through the centre and received therapy from its professionals. The treatment against alcoholism that is carried out in Clinica Cita, is developed in three main areas: the initial evaluation, the protocol of action and the supervision of detoxification.

  • You can find this clinic in Calle Mas Mia, s/n in Dosrius, Mataró.
  • For more information about Clinica Cita, click on this link.

2. Psychological Cabinet Mataró

The professionals of the Gabinet Psicològic Mataró offer specialized psychological care to address the most common addictive disorders for years, especially the treatment of alcoholism. The centre’s team of professionals offers its services to patients of all ages, using the most advanced therapeutic techniques.

The treatment specialities offered by the centre in the field of addictive disorders are toxic addictions, i.e. those caused by the consumption of substances such as alcohol addiction.

  • You can find this psychological clinic on Calle La Riera, number 14.

3. Centre de Psicologia Breu i Estratègica del Maresme

In the Center of Brief and Strategic Psychology of Maresme , you can find quality psychological attention in alcohol addiction from the team of professionals working in the center.

The treatment against alcoholism applied by the professionals of the centre is based on an integrative approach, that is, taking into account all aspects of the person and also the use of different psychological therapies such as coaching and EMDR therapy, among others.

  • The office of this centre is located in Camí Ral de la Mercà, number 495.

4. Center of Clinical Psychology of Maresme

The team of professionals at the Centro de Psicología Clínica del Maresme specializes in the treatment of a wide variety of disorders in patients of all ages in a professional manner, including alcoholism.

To tackle this type of addictive disorder, the centre has been collaborating for 10 years with Clínica Tavad, which specialises in the treatment of addictions, and especially alcohol addiction.

  • This psychological center can be found at 16 Gatassa Street.

5. Can Calau Clinic

In the Can Calau Clinic we can find a multidisciplinary team of professionals widely qualified in the treatment of all types of addictions and also in alcohol addiction.

This psychological clinic has unique facilities in an unbeatable environment to achieve the best therapeutic results, as well as leisure facilities and large green areas to ensure the rest and relaxation of the person receiving treatment.

  • This clinic is located at Calle Veinat de Clara, number 18, in Argentona.

6. Cabinet of Applied Psychology Iluro

The team of psychologists at Gabinete Iluro aims to help patients learn to know themselves better and also to provide them with new tools that will allow them to improve everything that is not going well in their lives, as well as to improve their behaviours and thoughts of misadaptation.

In the section of addictive behaviors that are treated in the Psychological Cabinet Iluro we find a varied catalog, although this center is specialized mainly in the treatment of alcohol addiction, behavior that is addressed taking into account the overall patient.

  • This psychological center is located at 42 Hospital Street.

7. Psychological Cabinet Judith de Gea

The Gabinet de Psychologie Judith de Gea specialises in the treatment of all types of psychological disorders in patients of all ages, as well as in the field of psychopedagogy and speech therapy.

In the field of addictions, the centre specialises in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction in general, based on methodical, professional and close therapeutic treatment.

  • This psychological office is located at 12 Barcelona Street.

8. CIDIE Ramón Rosal Private Foundation

CIDIE Fundación Privada Ramón Rosal is another recommended centre. In this psychological centre you can find a professional psychological care service to treat alcoholism.

The centre’s professionals are based on integrative humanist psychotherapy, as well as other alternative techniques which, applied in an integrated manner, can benefit the final therapeutic outcome.

  • You can find this psychological center in Calle Pintor Velazquez, number 66.

9. Miquel Pérez Pallejà

The psychological centre of Miquel Pérez Pallejà has also been offering quality psychological treatment for alcohol addiction disorder for more than 20 years through various psychological treatments of proven effectiveness.

EMDR therapy, coaching and constructivist therapy are some of the disorders practiced at the centre.

  • Your office is located at 43 Sant Benet Street.

10. Natacha Fabregat Rossell

The psychological centre of Natacha Fabregat Rossell offers professional treatment for all kinds of addictions and especially addresses the problem of alcoholism.

The center treats this disorder in young and adult patients, using techniques such as systemic-relational therapy, systemic therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

  • The office of this center is located at 33 Argentona Street.