Can you still ask for recommendations on Facebook?

You can create a recommendations post on Facebook to ask your friends for suggestions, such as restaurant or travel recommendations in a specific area. When people post their recommendations, a customized map of their suggestions is created, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

What does recommendations mean on Facebook?

We make personalized recommendations to the people who use our services to help them discover new communities and content. Both Facebook and Instagram may recommend content, accounts, and entities (such as Pages, Groups, or Events) that people do not already follow.

Why does my Facebook post say looking for recommendations?

Getting recommendations is as simple as composing a status update. Facebook will analyze the words that you use to turn on this feature. … “When someone is responding with a restaurant, when Facebook thinks it recognizes the name, we’ll make a suggestion to people,” Bos said.

How many recommendations do you need for a Facebook rating?

From what I can tell based on a little experimentation, Facebook’s formula can be explained more simply: When you recommend a business, Facebook assigns your review five stars. When you don’t recommend a business, Facebook assigns your review one star.

What happens when you recommend something on Facebook?

When people click the “Like” or “Recommend” button, it is reflected on their news feeds. Depending on privacy settings, this action is visible to other people on their friends lists. This enables you to reach a far wider audience with your Facebook business page than what might have otherwise been possible.

How do I stop Facebook from searching for recommendations?

To do so:
  1. Click on the “Pages” tab on the left menu on your Facebook news feed.
  2. On your Page, click on “Page Settings,” which is located on the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on the “Templates and Tabs” on the left menu.
  4. Find the “Reviews” option and turn the tab off.

How do I stop suggested posts on Facebook?

To turn similar Page suggestions on or off:
  1. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap Pages.
  3. Go to your Page and tap More.
  4. Tap Edit Settings then tap General.
  5. Scroll down to Similar Page Suggestions and tap On or Off.

How do you turn off looking for recommendations on Facebook?

Go to your Page, then go to Settings at the top. Look for Templates and Tabs in the left column and click it. Look for the Reviews bar and click Settings, and you can turn recommendations on or off here.

How do I turn off recommendations in Facebook 2021?

Here’s how you hide, or remove Facebook Reviews from your Facebook Page step-by-step:
  1. Go to Settings on your Page.
  2. Click Edit Page.
  3. Scroll down until you find Reviews.
  4. Choose the Settings option (to the right of Reviews)
  5. Turn Reviews off.
  6. Click Save.