What is bacon jam made of?

Bacon jam is made by slow cooking a combination of bacon, onions, brown sugar and vinegar, then placing the mixture in a food processor and putting it into jars.

What is in Sonic’s bacon jam?

“As the star of the show, our new bacon onion jam is a magical culmination of flavors with bacon, brown sugar and caramelized onions,” said Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for SONIC.

How long does bacon jam last?

2 to 3 weeks
If stored and chilled properly, your Bacon Jam will stay fresh and delicious for 2 to 3 weeks. For a longer life, pack your cooled Bacon Jam into straight-shouldered mason jars, leaving about 1-inch of headspace, and store it in your freezer.

How does bacon jam taste?

Bacon jam has a unique flavor that is more sweet than savory. It really does taste like a sweet, caramelized jam. Depending on the type of bacon you use, it can even have a bit of a smoky flavor, like BBQ sauce. The texture can vary depending on how finely you chop the bacon and onions.

What is the new Sonic cheeseburger?

It’s dubbed the Bacon on Bacon Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger (!) and it features two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, creamy mayo, crinkle-cut pickles, diced onions, tangy smoke sauce, and most importantly, four slices of crispy bacon—all on a toasted bun (!!).

Is the garlic butter bacon burger still at Sonic?

You can find the Garlic Butter Bacon Burger at Sonic through December 26, 2021, while supplies last, for a suggested price of $4.99. As a special promotion, they have a one-time-use half-price deal on a Garlic Butter Bacon Burger that can be used through their app or website through December 26, 2021.

Does bacon jam taste like bacon?

The jam actually didn’t taste anything like bacon. It was kind of like salty vegetables, but liquified and ground with garbage and then marinated in a toilet for 42 days. I hated the texture of it too; it was like gelatinous, which is not what you would want from anything meat-related.

What can I use bacon jam for?

The Endless Uses of Bacon Jam
  1. #putaneggonit. Bacon and eggs are a natural match, but when it’s bacon jam, it can easily take your eggs to a whole new level. …
  2. Meat up Your Meat. …
  3. Make a Dressing. …
  4. Upgrade Your Waffles and Pancakes. …
  5. Create a Grilled Cheese Deluxe. …
  6. Enhance Your Charcuterie.

Is bacon jam any good?

In essence, Bacon Jam is the best new condiment you will try this year! After opening the jar and tasting the Bacon Jam I discovered this well balanced candied, salty, and smokey concoction. Bits of bacon marry well with the onions and caramelized sugar.

Can I freeze bacon jam?

Yes, you can freeze bacon jam, in fact, it is recommended you do this to keep yourself safe from food poisoning. Freeze it for around 6 months before using it and always keep it in the fridge when you are storing it in an unfrozen state.

What is uncured bacon jam?

A little unclear on what bacon jam actually is? TJ’s website explains: “It’s essentially uncured (no added nitrates/nitrites) applewood smoked bacon, simmered down slow with onions, dark brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar until it’s dark and rich.

Why can’t you can bacon jam?

Storing bacon jam at room temperature poses the risk of botulism, a serious foodborne illness caused by the nerve toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum, a spore forming bacteria.

Can you home can bacon?

My latest canning adventures have included everything from canned cheese to canned butter to canned bacon. To can bacon all you need are quart jars, 12-inch-wide masking paper, pressure canner, and bacon. Cut a piece of masking paper 18 inches long and lay your bacon out in a single layer.

Do you reheat bacon jam?

Bacon Jam is a bacon based relish that is made by slow cooking bacon, onions, garlic, brown sugar, vinegar and spices. It is absolutely divine and a must try. You can store for a little over a week in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Reheat it in the microwave for short intervals at a reduced power.

Can bacon jam be pressure canned?

Meat has to be pressure canned to be safe in a sealed jar at room temperatures, and a bacon jam mixture is so dense that there would be major heat penetration issues in sterilizing the contents of the jar. If anyone gives you a pressure canner processing time, they are just guessing at a time.

How long does bacon marmalade last?

If you are storing it in the refrigerator, it will last between 2-4 weeks. Freezer storage will give it longer shelf life. There is no way to can it safely, which means you need to eat it up quickly (within 2-4 weeks stored in the refrigerator) or freeze it.

Is bacon jam shelf stable?

The Bacon Jams are shelf stable which means you do not have to put them in the fridge until after you open the jar! We achieve this with the natural power of bacon and NO Preservatives! What do you do with Bacon Jam? The simple answer is that you spread The Bacon Jams on everything you want to taste like bacon.