What does it cost to rebuild a 350 Turbo transmission?

Re: What is the cost of rebuilding a 350 turbo transmission? I just had a th350 built by PTC. Total cost for a race built trans and 3500 stall converter was $1500 plus freight $125.

Can I rebuild a TH350 myself?

There is no need to carry your TH350 off to a shop or to someone with more experience. A complete and correct rebuild can be accomplished in a small shop or garage. Anyone taking on the task simply needs to be armed with good information, a few tools that I describe, and good parts.

How much HP can a built TH350 handle?

The Stage 1 TH350 is rated up to 450 hp. Those seeking something a little stronger can check out the Stage 2 version (PN PA35102) that holds 550 hp and retails for $1,500 with a real world street price of $1,175 from most vendors.

Is a Turbo 350 and a TH350 the same?

The TH350 transmission was introduced in the 1969 model year as the successor to the GM Powerglide automatic transmission. Jointly developed by Chevy and Buick, it is also referred to as the CBC (Chevrolet-Buick Combined) 350. The Turbo 350 quickly become known for its strength, versatility and compactness.

How tough is a th350?

In general the th350 is not as tough as the th400. But if you put enough money in it it can easily be as tough.

What tools do you need to rebuild a Turbo 350?

What does a shift kit do for a TH350?

At least half a dozen shift kits are on the market for the TH350 transmission. They all share similar components and are designed to improve shift performance by increasing line pressure, volume of fluid to the clutch packs, and timing of the shifts for less overlap and shorter/ firmer shifts.

Is the TH350 a good transmission?

The Turbo Hydramatic 350, or TH350 for short, is highly regarded among auto aficionados as one of the best three-speed automatic transmissions created.

Does TH350 have overdrive?

Overdrive. The 700R4 has an overdrive while the TH350 does not. Overdrives allow for high-speed cruising, which saves fuel while lowering torque.

Do shift kits really work?

Shift kits simply eliminate many of the restrictive oil flow problems in the transmission’s valve body. The results are firmer shifts and reduced slippage and shift overlap.

What does the vacuum modulator on a Turbo 350 do?

The vacuum modulator is a vital component of automatic transmissions. It tells the transmission what kind of load is being put on it, allowing the transmission to react with the proper line pressures and shift points.

How do I make my TH350 shift later?

Get a small flat head screwdriver,go to the passenger side of the transmission. Unhook the vacuum line on the modulator and screw the adjustment screw inwards in 2 turn increments. Screwing it all the way in will give you very hard shifts and will feel very uncomfortable when it shifts at higher speeds.

How much is a shift kit?

The cost of an automatic transmission shift kit can range anywhere between $50 and $970.

How can I make my automatic shift faster?

There are 6 ways to improve automatic transmission performance and reliability. These are servicing the transmission, changing driving habits, driving with lower gears when loaded, maintaining engine performance, having proper alignment of tires, and having the correct tire size.

What does a shift kit feel like?

It’s this overly smooth, disconnected feeling that earned early automatic transmissions the label “slush box.” While the extended shift overlap creates a very smooth shift, it also reduces the efficiency and durability of the transmission by making the friction surfaces work overtime.

Is it hard to install shift kit?

Installing a shift kit is actually pretty straightforward. Depending on the manufacturer, the kit will consist of a steel plate, some springs, and we hope, easy-to-read instructions.

How do you install a shift kit?

What is a gearbox shift kit?

A shift kit is a set of components for automobiles designed to improve how well the car shifts between gears. Kits are made for both automatic and manual transmissions.

What is a shift kit stall converter?

A shift kit changed the transmissions shift points and shift firmness( usually higher and firmer) A stall convertor allows you to launch better at the strip.

What is a shift improver kit?

The B&M Shift Improver Kit is the easiest way to get the stout performance you’ve always wanted out of your automatic transmission – and you get two modes of performance to select from: Heavy Duty, or Street and Strip. It’s our least expensive and simplest to install kit.

What does a shift kit do for a 4l60e?

Adding a shift kit to your 4l60e equipped car, truck, or SUV will help correct and improve the lazy shifting that the 4l60e is somewhat known for in factory form. Properly installed shift kits will make all shifts more firm and quick without making it feel like you got hit by a train.

What is an automatic shifter?