What is a clean cut look?

Definition of clean-cut

1 : cut so that the surface or edge is smooth and even. 2 : sharply defined. 3 : of wholesome appearance.

What does clean cut mean?

neat and wholesome
neat and wholesome: a polite, clean-cut young man. unambiguously clear; unmistakable; clear-cut: The case against him is a clean-cut one.

What is a clean cut man?

A clean-cut man is tidy in appearance and behaves well: Julie’s fiancé is a nice clean-cut young man.

What is clean cut clothing?

Clean Cut Copenhagen is based on the vision of a menswear brand, that is able to offer a single go-to solution for all the modern men’s essentials. The brand is focused around t-shirts, knits, sweats, pants, shirts and jackets, but with an eye for detail.

What is another word for clean cut?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for clean-cut, like: defined, chiseled, explicit, outlined, wholesome, button-down, clean-shaven, groomed, neat, tidy and trim.

How do you do a clean cut?