What is the difference between the August smart locks?

Along with size, there is a difference in batteries. The August Smart Lock Pro uses four AA batteries, while the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock uses two CR123 batteries. August estimates battery life is between three to six months for these lithium batteries. The strength of your Wi-Fi signal makes a huge difference here.

How does a Smartlock work?

The Smart Lock feature unlocks your device automatically in certain situations. You can set your device to unlock, for example, when it’s connected to a Bluetooth® device, when it recognizes your face or voice or when you’re carrying it with you.

Can you open August lock without phone?

No problem — August’s smart lock gets a keypad Available for pre-order today, the August Smart Keypad pairs with the August Smart Lock and lets you unlock your door by punching in a code.

When was the August Smart Lock Pro released?

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is available for $249.99 via August.com and Best Buy, and will expand availability to additional retailers beginning May 17.

Does Smart Lock drain battery?

Yes, the battery in smart lock will drain faster if you connect it to the Wi-Fi Bridge. It’s because the smart lock needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi Bridge at all times. The connection between these two devices will consume the battery of the smart lock.

Is Smart Lock safe?

While smart locks offer ease of access and they can be locked from anywhere, if you forget to lock up, they are very similar to traditional locks when it comes to security. Since most smart locks work with a traditional deadbolt, they are just as secure as traditional locks.

Who owns August Smart Lock?

Assa Abloy AB is a Swedish conglomerate whose offerings include products and services related to locks, doors, gates, and entrance automation. Related products and services include controlling access and confirming identities with keys, cards, tags, mobile, and bio-metric identity verification systems.


Is August owned by Amazon?

The company was founded in November 2012 by Yves Béhar and Jason Johnson.

August Home.
The 2nd-generation August smart lock on display at an Amazon Books location.
ProductsAugust Smart Lock August Doorbell Cam August Smart Keypad August Connect August App
ParentAssa Abloy

Does August Lock use Z Wave?

The August Smart Lock Pro is a security enabled Z-Wave Plus product that is able to use encrypted Z-Wave Plus messages to communicate to other security enabled Z-Wave Plus products.

Is August owned by Yale?

Yale door locks’ parent company to acquire August Home

ASSA ABLOY, parent company of Yale locks, is acquiring August Home, the companies announced Thursday. The company that owns Yale locks will buy August Home, a DIY smart home security company, the businesses announced Thursday.

Is Yale and August the same company?

When it comes to apps, the August Home and Yale apps are now identical. The company is just keeping both names for branding reasons.

Did August buy Yale?

August Home, one of the buzziest names in smart locks, has been acquired by Assa Abloy, the world’s biggest lock maker and the owner of a multitude of lock brands, including Yale.

Who bought August?

Assa Abloy
August Home, a hot Silicon Valley smart home start-up, acquired by the company that makes Yale locks. Assa Abloy announces a deal to buy smart home start-up August Home. August counts Airbnb, Amazon, Apple, Google, HomeAway, Nest and Wal-Mart as its partners.

How many generations of August Smart Lock are there?

three generations
August has released three generations of smart locks; however, the first generation has since been discontinued, leaving you with one Gen 2 and two Gen 3 locks (Smart Lock Pro and Gen 3 lock) to choose from.

What is an August device?

If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi smart lock that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit, August’s device puts smarts at your door without replacing your deadbolt.

Who owns Yale locks?

When was smart lock invented?

Making locks smarter. The invention of the time lock in 1873 by James Sargent was the first foray into smart locks. This was a lock that would only open at a set time. Sargent took it a step further in 1880 with time delay locks that opened after a set time.

Who makes Yale door locks?

Assa Abloy
Yale is one of the world’s oldest lock manufacturers, owned by Assa Abloy. Over its long history, Yale has received patents for dozens of its products and the company has distributed its products to more than 120 markets, including Australia, Greece, India, Kuwait, and others.

Are Yale locks made in China?

padlocks and other products are made in China. Tri-Circle padlocks are made in China.

What happened to Yale locks?

Throughout the 20th century, purchases, acquisitions and joint ventures have made Yale locks well-known worldwide. In August 2000 Yale was purchased by ASSA ABLOY, and has since then been an important part of the global leader in door opening solutions.

Do they still make Yale locks?

Our brand stands on the solid ground of trust, knowledge and heritage; making durable, quality products. That is why we exist still today and in more than 120 markets.

Are Yale locks American?

Although the History of the Yale Lock has a very British flavour, it’s origins are over the pond in America. It was the Yale family who invented the Yale Lock, which is essentially a pin tumbler lock. Having already invented the Cylinder lock in 1848, it was Linus Yale, Jr.