What day is National Denim Day?

Denim Day – April 28, 2022.

Why do we do Denim Day?

Denim Day is a day to show your support for survivors and to eliminate victim blaming. We celebrate Denim Day on April 29, 2015 in honor of a woman who was forcibly raped by her driving instructor.

Why do we wear denim on April 28?

Since then, wearing jeans on Denim Day has served as a visible means of protest against misconceptions that surround sexual violence. Wear denim on April 28 to show your support for sexual violence awareness and prevention.

Why do we wear denim on April 29?

Time to pull out those jeans and wear them with a purpose on Wednesday, April 29. Denim Day is held annually to support survivors, and to spread awareness and education about sexual violence.

Is denim a Colour?

Denim is a range of light to dark blue colors based on variations of the cotton textile of the same name. Denim is a fashion textile that is traditionally dyed with a natural pigment known as indigo. Depending on the process, this can produce anywhere from a dark blackish blue to a light greenish blue.