What are the 3 types of combustion chamber?

There are three main types of combustion chamber in use for gas turbine engines. These are the multiple chamber, the tubo-annular chamber, and the annular chamber.

What are combustors used for?

What are the two types of annular combustion chambers?

Today, three basic combustion chambers are in use. They are the annular combustion chamber, the can type, and the combination of the two called the can-annular.

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LESSON OBJECTIVETo teach you to distinguish between the five major sections of gas turbine engines.
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What is annular type combustor?

Annular combustors have separate combustion zones, a continuous liner, and casing in a ring (the annulus). Annular designs have more efficient combustion in which nearly all of the fuel is burned completely.

How many types of combustors are there?

Today three main configurations exist: can, annular, and cannular (also referred to as can-annular tubo-annular). Afterburners are often considered another type of combustor.

What are combustors made of?

The metals usually considered for the combustor are nickel based alloys due to their high temperature capability. Alloy C263 is a nickel superalloy often used as it has high strength, good corrosion resistance, with good formability and high temperature ductility in welded structures.

Can type combustors?

A combustor, or burner section, of a gas turbine engine made up of several individual cans. These cans are long and cylindrical and consist of an outer casing within which there is a perforated stainless steel combustion chamber liner, or inner liner.

What is tubo annular?

The tubo-annular combustion chamber is a combination of the multiple-chamber and the annular designs. It also consists of multiple, individual chambers that are all placed within the same casing.

What is can annular?

Can-annular combustors are common in heavy-duty land based gas turbines. In this design, the air flows from the compressor outlet to the combustor plenum. From there, the air stream splits into N cans.

Why are special combustion chambers used?

Combustion chambers are designed to: Optimize power output. Ensure smooth engine operation. Reduce exhaust gases.

How does a Turboramjet work?

The basic layout includes a gas generator, which produces high pressure gas, that drives a turbine/compressor assembly which compresses atmospheric air into a combustion chamber. This mixture is then combusted before leaving the device through a nozzle and creating thrust.

What is the function of a turbine?

A turbine is a machine that transforms rotational energy from a fluid that is picked up by a rotor system into usable work or energy. Turbines achieve this either through mechanical gearing or electromagnetic induction to produce electricity.

What does the turbine do in a power station?

A gas turbine is a combustion engine at the heart of a power plant that can convert natural gas or other liquid fuels to mechanical energy. This energy then drives a generator that produces the electrical energy that moves along power lines to homes and businesses.

What type of engine is the J58?

Turbojet Engine
Pratt & Whitney designed this engine for continuous operation at high Mach number flight with compressor inlet temperatures above 400 degrees C (750 degrees F). Development began about 1958, and production began in 1964.

What fuel do ramjets use?

The liquid hydrogen fuel is pumped through a heat exchanger in the air intake, simultaneously heating the liquid hydrogen and cooling the incoming air. This cooling of the incoming air is critical to achieving a reasonable efficiency.