What are the sliders for drawers called?

Drawer slides—also referred to as drawer runners—are devices which enable individual drawers to slide in and out of the drawer unit allowing users to easily access the objects contained within.

What is a European drawer slide?

A Euro drawer slide is a single rail epoxy coated undermount slide. Pull out movement is achieved with a nylon wheel versus a ball bearing system. Load capacites vary from 75-100 lbs and these slides can be 3/4 extension of full extension.

What is the difference between bottom mount and undermount drawer slides?

Bottom mounts are attached to the bottom of the drawer and side of the cabinet. Meanwhile, undermounts are two slides attached to the underneath (invisible) of the drawer and side of the cabinet.

What is an undermount drawer slide?

Undermount drawer glides are pieces of hardware that are found beneath the box of the drawer. They allow the drawer to easily slide open and close. Undermount drawer glides hold more weight and provide more support than drawer glides that are located on the sides of the drawer box.

What are overtravel drawer slides?

Overtravel – Overtravel drawer slides come out past the end of the cabinet, which allows for complete access to the cabinet and then some. If you have an overhanging countertop, you may opt for overtravel slides because otherwise, you may have a difficult time reaching inside your drawers.

What is the difference between soft close and self close drawer slides?

A self-close slide uses a spring mechanism to close a drawer, pulling it shut quickly once the spring is engaged. Easy-close slides meanwhile, have a damper mechanism in addition to a spring, pulling the drawer shut gently and quietly.

How do I choose a drawer slide?

Measure the box, not the drawer front

Start at the back of the box and measure to the front of the box without including the face of the drawer. Once you have the length, round the number down. For example, if the drawer is 20 ½ inches long you will need to purchase 20 inch drawer slides.

Which drawer runners do I need?

Always consider what each drawer will be storing. If you want to store heavier items, opt for metal drawer runners that have a suitable loading weight. Similarly, if the items are fragile, opt for soft close drawer runners to ensure items do not break.

What kind of slides do you use for dresser drawers?

What kind of slides do you use for dresser drawers? The best types of drawer slides for a dresser are a full extension side mount or undermount drawer slide. While side mount drawer slides are more economical and install easier, an undermount drawer slide is invisible once installed and generally operate better.

What are the wheels on draws called?

Drawer runners are designed to allow drawers to open and close smoothly without getting stuck.

What are drawer slips?

Drawer slips are narrow pieces of wood that are grooved to accept the drawer bottom. The slips are glued to the drawer sides (and sometimes the drawer front).

What is a drawer track called?

Ball bearing drawer slides are the most common type of drawer slides. They are made with steel ball bearings that roll in a thin track. This allows the drawer to move in and out smoothly with less friction.

What are ball bearing drawer slides?

Ball-bearing slides make use of ball bearings instead of rollers to allow for the telescopic motion. They consist of three members and two sets of ball bearings that interface between each member. As the mechanism extends, the ball bearings allow each member to slide pass each other until fully extended.

How do you remove drawers from metal glides and no levers?

Find and press the disconnect tabs. They will be near the back of the metal tracks, on both the left and right sides. Press down on both tabs at the same time. Be sure to press down fully and continue to press inward as you remove the drawer.

How do you release ball bearing drawer slides?

Are ball bearing slides good?

Ball bearing drawer slides provide a smoother operation than roller drawer slides. Ball bearings are more effective at reducing friction than ordinary wheels. As a result, ball bearing drawer slides are easier to open. You can pull them open and push them closed more easily than roller drawer slides.