What is the friendliest bird for a pet?

Parakeets (AKA Budgies or Budgerigars)

Parakeets are perhaps the most popular type of pet bird the world over. They are exceptionally affectionate and friendly companion birds when properly trained and cared for.

What are the different types of parrots?

Parrots/Lower classifications

Which parrots bite the most?

While a green-winged macaw has the most impressive bite force, at 2,000 psi, this isn’t the case for all macaws. If we consider a standard bite, then the hyacinth macaw applies the most consistent force. Hyacinth macaws are the largest parrot species in the world.

What type of parrots talk the most?

The highly intelligent African grey is often regarded as the best talking bird, with some amassing vocabularies of hundreds of words. There’s even research suggesting these parrots can use words in context to have simple conversations, though that doesn’t necessarily mean they understand what they’re saying.

Do conures talk?

Speech & Sound

Conures are capable talking and, although their vocabularies are not as extensive as that of other parrot species, they can learn to speak a few words and phrases.

What is the smallest talking parrot?

buff-faced pygmy parrot
At a little over 8 cm (3.1 in) long, the buff-faced pygmy parrot is the smallest parrot species.

Do macaws talk?

Do macaw parrots talk? Yes, many macaw parrots mimic human speech. Some macaw parrots, like the blue-and-gold macaw, are known to learn phrases more easily than others. All macaws, however, will want to vocalize by mimicking whistles and household noises or by speaking words.

What is the best parrot for a child?

Cockatiel. Cockatiels are larger than finches and budgies, but they’re still one of the best pet birds for kids. They can learn to talk, whistle, and do tricks, making them a delight for children. Cockatiels do well with older children who can devote time to interacting with them.

What are the cheapest talking parrot?

The Budgie is the cheapest talking parrot to own worldwide. These small parrots are the perfect choice for those of us who want a talking parrot but have a limited budget. What is this? This little bird is actually capable of a lot of speech and can learn a large number of phrases and songs to speak to you.

Are parrots easy to train?

Although very trainable and intelligent, parrots are a prey species and are naturally more cautious than predatory species such as dogs. They often must be trained more slowly and carefully. Parrots can, however, eventually be taught many complicated tricks and behaviors, and remember them for years.

Are African Greys good for beginners?

African Greys aren’t a good choice for beginners due to their highly intelligent and sensitive nature. They require a great amount of mental stimulation, are very sensitive to their environment, and do best when cared for by an experienced birdkeeper.

What is the smallest parrot that can talk?

Budgerigar. One of the smallest and most popular pet birds is also among the best talkers. Budgies (or parakeets) are capable of learning hundreds of words—far more than many birds several times their size.

How much are Amazon Parrots?


Like we mentioned before, Amazon Parrots are fairly rare, and their pricing is going to be fairly high. If you buy one from a quality breeder, the Amazon Parrot price will be at least $1,000. If you want a subspecies with different colors, the prices could go much higher than that.

How long do talking parrots live?

Parrots and other birds can live up to 10 to 50 years or more depending on the type and the conditions they live in. Parrots comprise a group of birds that includes 279 different species.

What is the quietest talking parrot?

Parrotlets are the quietest parrots, creating an average of 65 decibels of noise. Budgies can reach 68 decibels. Contrast this with a quaker parrot (113 decibels) and a sun conure (120 decibels). If you’re looking for a quiet pet parrot, consider getting a smaller species.

Which bird can talk like humans?

Songbirds and parrots are the two groups of birds able to learn and mimic human speech.

What is a good starter bird that talks?

Best Small, Medium Size Talking Birds for Beginners
  • #1— Budgies (Parakeets) Budgies, commonly called parakeets in the United States, are probably the best starter bird for beginning keepers. …
  • #2— Cockatiels. …
  • #3— Lovebirds. …
  • #4— Pionus Parrot. …
  • #5— Quaker Parrots. …
  • #6— Senegal Parrot (Poicephalus)

What is the easiest bird to care for?

The Best Bird Pets for Beginners
  • Parakeets. Parakeets, or budgies as they’re also known, are number one on our list because they’re the most popular bird pet in the US and because they’re the most low-maintenance! …
  • Cockatiels. …
  • Parrotlets. …
  • Lovebirds. …
  • Canaries. …
  • Pionus Parrots. …
  • Amazon Parrots.

Are parrots loud at night?

The answer is that yes, they can be. However, as long as you take the time to mimic its natural environment as carefully as possible, your parakeets should keep pretty quiet during the night. Various factors can overstimulate your parakeet and cause it to make a lot of noise at night.