Are there different types of taper fades?

There are a wide variety of skin fade options, including high and low versions. If you’re trying it out for the first time, the skin taper fade is the best choice. That’s because your barber will give you a more subtle gradient between the longer section of your hair and the fully shaved section.

What is a taper haircut style?

What Is a Taper Haircut? A taper haircut gradually changes your hair length, typically starting out longer at the top of the head and getting shorter as you go down to the natural hairline on the nape of the neck and sides of the head. The length of a taper can vary.

What to tell your barber if you want a taper?

Which is better taper or fade?

If you’re looking for a safer, inoffensive cut then taper is more likely to be the one. Whereas if you’re looking for something with a little more edge and bravado, consider a fade.

How do you ask for a classic taper?

State in your consultation that you want the hair nice and sharp around the ears and back of the neck,” says Glass. “Tell them your preferred shortest length of taper too – so not down to the skin – and whether you want a natural or sculpted neckline.” After that, it’ll look after itself.

What is a mid taper?

A mid taper is when the hair starts to get shorter at the midpoint of your head, so roughly around the top of your ear or slightly above it. With a mid taper there will be a larger discrepancy between the length of your hair on the top half of the head and the bottom half.

How long does a taper last?

A taper fade is a type of fade haircut where just the sideburns and the nape of the neck is faded. This type of fade is great for someone wanting to grow their hair out but remain neat and tidy. A taper fade can last from one to two weeks.

What to ask for if you want a taper fade?

Taper Fade & Short Braids

“To create a clean-cut taper fade, you will need to ask your barber for a grade one cut on the back, fading up to grade two and three. Make sure you keep your hair long on top long to ensure you can create the short dreads that are key to this style.”

What is a 3 fade haircut?

This haircut is ideal for guys who want a short and low-maintenance haircut and want to give their buzzcut a bit of a twist. To get this haircut, you just need to ask your barber to give you a number 3 faded sides and back and then buzz your hair with the guard he used to finish the fade (the number 3 guard).

What is a low taper?

A low taper fade haircut is a type of fade where the hair gets gradually shorter starting from a lower level, just above the ears. If you’re not a fan of fading too close to the skin on the sides and exposing your scalp, this one’s the most ideal to try.

How do I tell my barber to fade?

Talk to the barber in detail about your fade before they start cutting.
  1. You can say something like “I want a temple fade with a line in the back, but I want to keep it longer on the top. …
  2. Or you can say something like, “I want my fade to look like Lupe Fiasco’s old fade, but I want the fade to start higher on the sides”

Is it OK to show barber a picture?

Bring a picture (but only of your hair) As Capizzano puts it, “barbers are visual people.” Pictures really help barbers visualize what you’re looking for in a haircut and serve as a great guide.

What fade does not show skin?

A zero fade, on the other hand, is a taper fade style that leaves some hair near the base of the neck. Like all fades, the hair is longer at the top and gets shorter as you get closer to the ears and neck. However, zero fades differ from skin fades because they do not show the scalp.

Is a fade unprofessional?

Determining whether a fade haircut is unprofessional depends on how dramatic it is. A skin fade, for example, would be inappropriate for many corporate jobs, but those that are more subtle may not be a problem. Consider the sector you work in, read the grooming code, and how far up you are on the corporate ladder.

Is it weird not to talk to your barber?

Know that it is alright not to talk.

Most barbers know that their job is to cut hair, not make small talk. As a result many of them will be able to sense if you don’t want to chat. If this is the case, don’t feel bad. Just make sure to be polite.