What are examples of flair?

Flair is defined as a natural talent, ability or sense of style. An example of flair is someone skilled at fixing computers. An example of flair is Madonna. Instinctive discernment; keenness.

What does it mean to use flair?

Definition of flair

1 : a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something : talent a flair for color also : inclination, tendency a flair for the dramatic.

What is a flair person?

Use the word flair to refer to someone’s knack or natural talent for something. Someone might have a flair for throwing fantastic parties, or a flair for solving complex math problems. Something or someone with flair is flashy, catchy and full of energy.

What does flair do for a living?

What does Andrew Flair do for a living? The Omaha-born celebrity is a businessman and social media personality. He owns a YouTube channel called Flair with more than 2 million subscribers. The channel was created in April 2012, and he posts lots of videos about fishing, hunting, and farming.

What is flair in design?

If you have flair, you do things in an original, interesting, and stylish way.

What is a flair in business?

1 natural ability; talent; aptitude. 2 instinctive discernment; perceptiveness.

What is the difference between flare and talent?

As nouns the difference between talent and flair

is that talent is (label) a unit of weight and money used in ancient times in greece, the roman empire, and the middle east while flair is a natural or innate talent or aptitude; a knack.

What does flate mean?

flateverb. To feel nausea. Etymology: From *, a dialectal variant of wlate.

Do you have a flair for examples?

have a flair for something

to have a talent for doing something; to have a special ability in some area. Alice has quite a flair for designing. I have a flair for fixing clocks.

What is a dramatic flair?

A person with a flair for the dramatic is a person who has the talents or personality of an actor. This person can get and hold the attention of other people, the way an actor or performer on stage can. This person can cause people to feel emotions or be impressed, curious or amused.

What does it mean to have a natural flair?

singular noun. If you have a flair for a particular thing, you have a natural ability to do it well.