What do Target cashiers start at?

The typical Target Target Cashier salary is $15 per hour. Target Cashier salaries at Target can range from $9 – $20 per hour.

How long do target cashiers work?

Salary and Compensation

Pay usually begins near minimum wage for Target cashiers. Experience gained and solid work performance may increase pay rates over time. A typical work week for Target cashiers consists of four to five six-hour shifts, or roughly 20 to 25 hours per week.

What pays the most at Target?

Highest Paying Jobs At Target
RankJob TitleHourly Rate
1Senior Engineer$60.18
2Team Leader$33.87
3Store Manager$23.18
4Protection Specialist$22.30

What is Target’s minimum wage?

Target announced Monday that it is raising its starting wage for workers in some positions to up to $24. The Minneapolis-based retailer said the increase will apply to hourly workers at its discount stores, supply chain facilities and headquarters. Target in 2020 set its minimum wage at $15.

What are Target cashiers called?

Target Cashier/sales Associate.

Is working at Target a good first job?

Target is a fast, fun, and friendly corporation that focuses on guests and their team members. We are not like normal retail stores who focus on profits. We focus our time each and every day on making our guests happy and our team members friendly. It is a great first job.

Is cashier at Target a good job?

Good job to earn some income. You get out of it what you put in. Steady hours. This job will be good for a student or someone looking for supplemental income.

What are the shifts at Target?

shifts are midnight to 8am or 4am to noon. What is the night shift hours? What are some typical shifts for human resources team members? Do the shifts you work ever change?

How flexible is Target with hours?

Very flexible. You can get any days off you want as long as you request it off well in advance. They work well with schedules for school and other jobs.

How do you get hired at Target?

Most people apply online and the hiring process typically takes a few weeks. If you’re applying for a team member position, you’ll most likely have an in-person interview.

Here’s a few to consider:
  1. Seasonal. Target seasonal jobs might be something you’re unfamiliar with. …
  2. Full or part-time. …
  3. Distribution center. …
  4. Corporate.

What is the Target dress code?

Target’s dress code consists of a red shirt with khaki pants or skirts as of 2022. Employees can wear any type of red shirt (polo, sweater, hoodie), and some stores also allow employees to wear jeans. Target encourages employees to be expressive and permits unique fashion choices like piercings.

What is the Target uniform?

Target’s iconic red-and-khaki uniform is adding a pop of blue jeans to the mix! Store team members can now rock khaki or denim as long as it’s accompanied by a red top.

Can you wear shorts at Target?

You can not. Only if yo do carts and trash and possibly other departments depending on location.

Can I wear a beanie to work at Target?

If you work as a cart attendant you are allowed to. I wore my hat in and out of the store I never took it off unless I was asked to work on the register.

Are Target employees allowed to wear hats?

These employees often wear hats for their own protection. Some stores require that hats are taken off while inside the store, while others do not.

What should I wear to target orientation 2021?

For orientation you just have to wear jeans and a tshirt doesnt matter what colors just as long as its appropriate.

Does Target care about tattoos?

They don’t care about piercings, tattoos, or dyed hair. Everyone is accepted, no matter the amount of tattoos or piercings and no matter your hair color.

Can you wear joggers at Target?

Yes. you are allowed to wear Joggers. Targets dress code is lenient.

Can I wear leggings to Target?

For women, halter tops and sheer or revealing clothing are still off-limits. Also banned are spaghetti-strap tops or dresses unless covered by a jacket or sweater, and leggings unless worn with an appropriate-length dress, skirt or top.

Does Target care about dyed hair?

Target does not discriminate against apperance of someone : hair color, tattoos and piercings. Yes you can have dyed hair.

Can you wear graphic tees at Target?

We can wear graphic tees, as long as we have something red over them, like a cardigan or zip up hoodie. Any shade of tan or beige is ok for pants, just not jeans.

What is Target employee discount?

Target employees get 10% off anything in store or online.

The employee discount can be combined with other savings, like the 5% off with RedCard. If you’re looking for more ways to save, check out how to coupon at Target.