What does a safety relay do?

Safety Relays are devices that implement safety functions. In the event of a hazard, a safety relay will work to reduce to risk to an acceptable level. When an error occurs, the safety relay will initiate a safe and reliable response.

What is K1 and K2 on a safety relay?

K1 is typically direct to the e-stop module and K2 is the control contactor; there should be an additional NO before coil K2 from a relay to control motor start. This is an IEC 13849 PLd or PLe circuit if safety rated contactors and other components used.

How do I reset my guard master safety relay?

What is manual reset?

A manual reset is when there is a reset switch in the feedback circuit and the device does not start when the input turns ON unless the reset switch is pressed. A manual reset is used for machines that people can enter and for emergency stop circuits, and an auto reset is used for machines that people cannot enter.

What is K in safety relay?

The safety reset button is wired to K1. The 2-pole emergency stop button contacts are wired to K2 and K3. On power on (to A1/A2) all relays are de-energised.

What is a K2 relay?

Two relays (K1, K2) with positive-guided contacts provide the safe switching contacts. The two input circuits CH1 and CH2 each activate one of the two internal relays. The circuit is activated via the start relay K3. There is another monitoring circuit between the connection points Y1 and Y2 (feedback loop).

What is safety reset?

The Safety Reset will provide a chance for mines and quarries to focus on why safety is important, to know the personal stories behind recent fatalities, and to reassess safety practices on key high risk areas within the operation.

Is reset a safety function?

If indicated by the risk assessment, this cancellation of the stop command shall be confirmed by a manual separate and deiberate action (manual reset). A situation whereby the risk assessment may indicate that the Reset is a Safety Function is when there is a safeguarded area with a risk of Whole Body Access.

Can you reset a solenoid?

Manual Reset Solenoid Valves

This is what is known as Manual Reset. To cause the valve to change from its rest state, the coil must be energised and the lever or knob pulled to the fully open position. If the valve is energised without the manual intervention, it will not open.