Is there two ways to spell tonight?

Tonite definition

(US, informal, entertainment industry) Alternative spelling of tonight.

Which is correct tonight or tonite?

Usage notes

Tonite is often used in advertising in the entertainment industry in the United States, for example on signs outside theaters displaying the evening’s performances. Tonight is almost always used in most other contexts such as academia, politics, news media, etc.

What does tonight’s mean?

the present night
: the present night or the night following this present day.

What means tonite?

Definition of tonite

: a blasting explosive consisting of a mixture of guncotton with a nitrate and sometimes a nitro compound.

What is the difference between tonight and tonight’s?

The accurate spelling is tonight. While some people write it as tonite, 2nite and 2ni8 which are the variant forms used in informal colloquies and text messages. Moreover, the only acceptable spelling found in the dictionary is “tonight”.

Is tonite a correct spelling?

“Tonight” is the proper spelling. “Tonite” is an abbreviated form usually used for messaging. tonight , is the proper spelling .

Why do some people spell night Nite?

It’s a corruption of night which is the real word. Night is the period between sunrise and sunset. Nite is just the informal way of using the word Night. “Nite” & “Nyt” are abbreviations Nigerians use while chatting to save time and the stress of typing too long words.

What time does tonight mean?

Tonight is used to refer to the evening of today or the night that follows today.

Is night or Nite good?

Nite definition

Informal spelling of night. Nite is the informal version of night, which is the period of darkness between sunset and sunrise. An example of nite is when someone is texting a friend about what they did the previous evening.

How is night spelled in America?

The vast majority of Americans also agree that night is correct, and would not use the spelling nite. It is mostly reserved for cutesy advertising.

Is Good Nite correct?

To recap, if you’re going to write a farewell to someone at night or address a farewell to someone in writing, use the two-word variant: good night. But if you’re talking about the noun or noun adjective, use the one-word form, goodnight.

Does Nite mean night?

Word forms: nites

Nite is another spelling of night, used in less formal written English.

How is 8 spelled?

Eight in numerals is written as 8.

When did Nite become a word?

nite (n.) arbitrary respelling of night, attested by 1920. OED calls it “A widespread vulgarism.” It appears earlier in humorous representations of semi-literate spelling.

How do you spell Niger?

How do you write 08 in words?

8 in words is written as Eight.

How is 40 spelled?

Forty is the proper spelling of the number in all English variants despite the fact that four contains a u. Often people will believe that fourty is a British variant like colour but this is also false.

How do you write 90 in a letter?

90 in words is written as Ninety.

How do you spell 88?

  1. a cardinal number, 80 plus 8.
  2. a symbol for this number, as 88 or LXXXVIII.
  3. a set of this many persons or things.

How do you write 58?

58 in English Words is : fifty-eight.

What is the spelling of 89?

Eighty Nine
89 in words is written as Eighty Nine.

What is 80th word?

eightieth. / (ˈeɪtɪɪθ) / adjective. (usually prenominal) being the ordinal number of eighty in numbering or counting order, position, time, etc: often written 80th.