What is surplice clothing?

surplice, white outer vestment worn by clergymen, acolytes, choristers, or other participants in Roman Catholic and in Anglican, Lutheran, and other Protestant religious services. It is a loose garment, usually with full sleeves.

What is surplice material?

The surplice is in the form of a tunic of white linen or cotton fabric, reaching to the knees, with wide or moderately wide sleeves. It was originally a long garment with open sleeves reaching nearly to the ground.

What does the surplice represent?

We touched on this above, but in general terms, the surplice is meant to symbolize the purity of the ritual of baptism. Babies wear white coverings themselves during the ceremony, and it’s fitting that it’s white – see our blog above on color symbolism for more information.

What is a surplice waist?

Originally the pattern was described as “Ladies’ Surplice Waist, in high or open neck, with French lining, full-length or shorter sleeve, with or without the fichu. (To be made as a separate waist or attached to a skirt as a one-piece dress.)” Detailed illustrated directions.

Which is a surplice neckline?

A surplice neckline forms when fabric from one side of your shoulders crosses fabric from the other side at the front, and then permanently sewn down in the seam. It is often mistaken as a V neck shape.