Why did they kill Combo?

It was an initiation ritual. The kid (Tomas) wanted to become part of the gang, and they wanted to make sure that he would be someone they could use. So they asked him to prove himself by killing Combo, which he did. This fact was revealed to Jesse by Tomas’s sister Andrea in Season 3 Episode 11.

Who kills Combo?

Ortega explained the Combo had associated with the “wrong crowd,” which ultimately led to his death at the hands of a rival drug gang. Jesse later learned that Combo was killed by Tomás Cantillo, Andrea Cantillo’s 11-year-old brother, as part of an initiation into a gang working for Gustavo Fring.

How did Milky kill Combo?

Later Milky met Combo and agreed to get some cannabis for him, to the chagrin of Milky’s girlfriend Pob. Milky and Combo smoked together, but the night turned sour when Combo started racially abusing Milky and then violently beating him unconscious. His fate is left unknown to the viewers.

What did Combo do to Milky in This Is England?

An angry Combo violently throws Shaun out of his flat after Shaun verbally defends Milky, then slams the door hard. When Banjo attempts to hit Milky as well, Combo violently beats him and evicts him and Meggy from the flat. Horrified at the realisation of what he has done, a remorseful Combo weeps over Milky.

What happened to Combo in the end?

The fate of Combo has not yet been confirmed/revealed by Meadows or Thorne, but the look of guilt on Milky’s face at the wedding, which is set two months after the incident, leaves the viewer to assume the worst, and that Combo suffered a painful death and was buried at sea.

Where did Combo get shot?

In front of the Rail Yards is another highly recognizable location from the show: 32 Combo’s Corner, where 1st Street splits off from 2nd. This is the street corner where Combo gets shot by a young kid working for Gus’ rival outfit, and where said rivals typically stake out in later episodes.

What did LOLS dad do This Is England?

Mick loses his temper and forcibly tries to rape Lol, but Lol fights back by striking him in the head with the hammer numerous times, stunning him. Lol then swings one final blow to Mick’s head, killing him instantly.

Does milk Survive in This Is England?

Does Milky die? The movie ends with Milky still in the hospital, as far as I can tell. The only reference afterwards is when Thomas is sitting on his bed and his mum says Milky will be alright.

Is there going to be anymore This Is England?

A new series of This Is England has just been confirmed.

Did Kelly get raped This Is England?

As the gang head into the countryside for a summer time rave, the character of Kelly became the main focus after she was horrifically targeted by a group of men. Coaxing her with drugs into their caravan, audiences were left shocked as scenes depicted the men brutally raping Kelly.

Does Kelly get raped in This Is England?

Kelly is now a lunch lady at the local school alongside her sister Lol and mother. In the episode ‘Spring’, her friend’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and she joins in on the rave that leads her to taking heroin and getting gang raped.

Does LOL get raped in This Is England?

Before the episode had even ended, its depiction of the harrowing rape of Trev by Lol and Kelly’s ‘evil dad’, Mick, had prompted a flood of shocked reactions via Twitter , Facebook and numerous TV forums. ‘The end of #thisisengland86 made me feel really, really sick.

What does Kelly smoke in This Is England 90?

‘ Running away, she descends into heroin addiction, smoking secretly at Gadget’s place which he rents from flatmate and sometime drug-dealer Harvey. Later, upon his discovery of her heroin habit, Harvey kicks Kelly out, and he tells a furious Gadget she’d never shag him anyway.

Why did Harvey kick Kelly out?

‘ We spoke about it and I said that Harvey wouldn’t have [Kelly] in the house, he’d kick her out. The heroin was the excuse for kicking her out. Harvey doesn’t like the fact that she was using Gadget. He thought that Gadget was being taken for a prick, and that’s basically what Harvey was trying to say.

Do Lol and Woody get married?

On the night of Combo’s return, he proposes to her and they plan their wedding. In the final episode, the couple finally marry.

Is Combo in This Is England 88?

He stars as Combo in the This is England, This is England ’86, and This is England ’88.
Stephen Graham
Date of Birth:August 3, 1973
Born:Kirkby, Merseyside, England

Who was the bully in This Is England?

Harvey is a fictional character in the television series This Is England, and he is portrayed by Michael Socha.

Who dies This Is England?

In the 2006 film, which is about unemployment and racism in England in the 1980s, Shaun is taken in by a gang of skinheads, including the psychotic Combo. Thomas’s mother, Sharon, died from cancer shortly after the film was completed.

Is This Is England scripted?

Although there is always a script, written by Meadows and Jack Thorne, he actively discourages the cast from learning their lines. Instead he’ll sit down with whichever actors are in the scene for as long as an hour before the crew are allowed on set, and have a chat “about something random, like boxing”.

What did Shaun do to smell?

In 1988, Smell and Shaun were still seeing each other, but the relationship was beginning to weaken. She caught him masturbating in the toilet instead of having sex with her. Shaun was getting irritated with her when she was helping him rehearse for his christmas play.

What happened to Shaun from This Is England?

Shaun, now 19, is now a member of the young gang, attending raves and the Madchester town hall night.

How old is Woody in This Is England?

In 1983, 19 year old Woody meets Shaun, a boy who is going home after a fight with Harvey from school.