When should you use responsive ads?

The correct answer is: When your primary goal is performance. You should use responsive display ads when your primary goal is performance. If you value performance over everything else. To best achieve that goal, you should take advantage of Responsive Display Ads, which automatically adjust to the available ad space.

Why use a responsive display ad in your campaign?

The one reason to use a responsive display ad for your campaign is to increase ad performance. Save Your Time & Efforts – Buy Answersheet! You want to meet your company’s branding requirements. You want to increase control of your ad format.

Are responsive display ads worth it?

So, given the choice, I’d still take a well-designed standard display ad over a responsive display ad, everything else being equal (including performance). However, if the choice is between running a responsive display ad and running no ad at all — then responsive display ads are definitely worth a shot.