How do you get the decorators house in Professor Layton?

To unlock this option, max out Layton’s and Luke’s “Happiness” meter by decorating their rooms with furnitures that they like. The Decorator’s House contain Puzzle 124, Puzzle 125, and Puzzle 126.

Where is the cafe in Professor Layton and the Curious Village?

Through the Clock Toweredit

Fork in the Road: The cafe is located here, so there are usually people here at night.

How do you unlock puzzle master’s house?

You must complete Puzzles 001 through 132 to unlock this option.

Did Professor Layton adopt flora?

Later during the game, when Clive’s cover is blown at the Thames Arms, she is kidnapped by him and held in the ventilation room in the fortress. Layton and Luke are eventually able to rescue her and she remains with them until Layton is able to fly everyone down in the modified Laytonmobile.