What’s a word that rhymes with snow?

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What is a snow lover called?

Chionophile. Snow and cold weather lovers fall under this phile. Chion is from the Greek word khiōn, which means snow.

What is the vocabulary of snow?

The fluffy white precipitation that falls from the sky in the winter is snow. Many winter sports, like skiing and sledding, require snow. Scientifically, snow is water vapor that freezes and forms ice crystals. You probably think of snow as the cold white stuff that can be formed into balls and thrown.

What is a lot of snow called?

When large amounts of snow fall, then the event is colloquially referred to as a snowstorm, though the term “large” is not officially defined. • A snowstorm that lasts for three or more hours with sustained wind speeds of at least 35 mph and visibilities less than a quarter-mile is called a blizzard.

What is the meaning of Chionophile?

chionophile (plural chionophiles) Any animal or plant that thrives in winter conditions, especially one that thrives in snow.

What are people who love the cold called?

Cryophilic is the only word that comes to my mind: Having an affinity for or thriving at low temperatures. The antonym is thermophilic.

What is a nature lover called?

synonyms for nature-lover

Compare Synonyms. Green Panther. activist. conservationist. ecologist.

What is a word for very cold?

Words Related to ice-cold. cryogenic, subfreezing, subzero, ultracold.

How do you say very cold?

Feeling very cold – thesaurus
  1. chill. noun. a feeling of being cold.
  2. coldness. noun. the state or condition of having a temperature that is low or lower than normal.
  3. shivery. adjective. …
  4. freeze. verb. …
  5. bite. noun. …
  6. perished. adjective. …
  7. frozen. adjective. …
  8. chilled/frozen to the bone. phrase.

What is extreme cold weather called?

ARCTIC [ahrk-tik] –adjective. Extremely cold, frigid.

What is a synonym for Glacier?

synonyms for glacier
  • ice floe.
  • iceberg.
  • berg.
  • floe.
  • icecap.
  • glacial mass.
  • ice field.
  • snow slide.

What does cold mean in slang?

Cold is a slang term that describes a person or action that is “mean,” or “heartless.” It comes from “cold-hearted,” which describes people who seemingly have no compassion.

How would you describe winter weather?

The winter season brings a variety of adverse weather extremes. You may experience heavy snow, ice accumulation, freezing temperatures and wind chill. Winter storms are often called the “deceptive killers” since many deaths can be attributed to indirect causes of adverse weather.