What is family called in other languages?

Have you ever wanted to know how to say the word “family” in other languages?

How to Say Family in European Languages.

How do you say family in 10 different languages?

  1. Bosnian: porodica. Bulgarian: семейство Catalan: família. Cebuano: pamilya. Chinese (Simplified): 家庭 Chinese (Traditional): …
  2. Indonesian: keluarga. Irish: teaghlach. Italian: famiglia. Japanese: 家族 Javanese: kulawarga. …
  3. Polish: rodzina. Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil): família. Punjabi: ਪਰਿਵਾਰ Romanian: familie. Russian: семья

What language is the word family?

The word family came into English in the fifteenth century. Its root lies in the Latin word famulus, “servant”. The first meaning in English was close to our modern word “household” — a group of individuals living under one roof that included blood relations and servants.

What word means love in different languages?

Love In Different Languages
  • French = amour.
  • Spanish = amor.
  • Italian = amore.
  • Portuguese = amor.
  • German = liebe.
  • Vietnamese = yêu.
  • Hindi = mohabbat.
  • Japanese = tresna.

How do you say family in Cherokee?

How do you say family in Lebanese?

Translation of family in Arabic

Perhaps the most common word for family is عائلة (‘aa’ila). This can refer to both the close family and extended family. The word أسرة (usra) on the other hand is arguably used more frequently to just refer to the immediate family.

How do you say family in Ghana?

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Family-Related Twi Vocabulary.
abusuanifamily member
abusuapanyinfamily head

How do you spell Familia in Italian?

Famiglia is the translation of family in Italian.

What does La Familia mean?

the family
Meaning “the family” in Spanish, la familia variously refers in English to one’s family, circle of friends and coworkers, teammates, or other close communities or organizations.

How do you say love in Africa?

Mahaba (mah-ha-bah) – ‘love’

How do you say family in Sicilian?

What do Italian people call their family?

La famiglia – The family (free Italian lesson + audio)

How do you say family name in Italian?

what’s your surname? qual è il tuo cognome?

What does Nica mean in Italian?

Nica is Italian slang for small; or it can mean gorgeous kind person true image.

What does Amuni mean?

Let’s go
5) Amuni’ Let’s go/C’mon! That’s what Amuni’ stands for!

How do you say La Familia?

What is nice in slang?

A slang word for “nice”

Is Nica short for Veronica?

The name Nica is girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “true image”. More often spelled Nika, this is a well-used diminutive for the Eastern European Veronika, and there’s no reason that the same principle can’t apply in the West. It makes a venerated saint’s name sound fresh and cute.