What are fun words that start with C?

List of positive words that start with C

How do you describe a unique person?

Some common synonyms of unique are eccentric, erratic, odd, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, singular, and strange. While all these words mean “departing from what is ordinary, usual, or to be expected,” unique implies singularity and the fact of being without a known parallel.

What is a 4 letter word with C?

Chug, Corn, Cure, Chin, Cage, Coax, Cope, Club, Cozy, Cash, Coat, City, Cute, Chef, Coin, Chat, Clap, Crabs, Curt, Cart, Clogged, Chop, Cake, Clues, Cold.

What does Compacious mean?

adjective. capable of holding much; spacious or roomy. a capacious storage bin.

What means candid?

adjective. frank; outspoken; open and sincere: a candid critic. free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge; straightforward: a candid opinion. informal; unposed a candid photo. honest; impartial: a candid mind.

What is a nice word that starts with a to describe someone?

Amenable responsive to advice, suggestion or authority; willing; agreeable; governable. Amiable agreeable and friendly in disposition; likable and good-natured; cordial; sociable; congenial; lovable; lovely; pleasing; sweet; gracious. Amicable characterized by friendliness and goodwill; friendly; peaceable.

How do you describe a person?

Some of the adjectives that we can use are – affable, amicable, caring, thoughtful, beautiful, classy, precious, impressive, irreplaceable, trustworthy, understanding, sweet, etc. These are just a few examples.