What is a 5-letter word that starts with GE?

5-letter words starting with GE

What are 5 letter words ending in GE?

Here are some examples:
  • BADGE.
  • FUDGE.
  • HINGE.
  • MIDGE.
  • NUDGE.
  • RIDGE.
  • STAGE.
  • WEDGE.

What are some 5 letter words starting with A?

Some of the 5 letter words that start with A are abuzz, achoo, adoze, aeons, afrit, algae, ambry, amour, aorta, arvos, auger, azlon, azoth, askew, angst, almud, aglet, abysm, aahed, aargh, etc.

What is a DGE word?

Use -dge to spell the sound /j/ immediately after the short vowel in a one-syllable word. judge, badge, fudge, sledge, fridge, lodge. Like the -tch Spelling Rule, the -dge Spelling Rule does not apply to words with other vowel sounds or words where there is another consonant before the /j/ sound.

What sound does DGE make?

Is DGE a suffix?

“dge” is used (e.g. “badge”, “hedge”, “dodge”), otherwise use “ge”. one consonant, double the final consonant (e.g. fatter, running, hidden). When the word contains 2 vowels, 2 final consonants or a consonant-suffix is being added, just add the suffix.

Is DGE a Digraph?

‘dg’ is a digraph and ‘dge’ is a trigraph and they both make the same sound as the phase 3 phoneme ‘j’. The digraph ‘ge’ also make the ‘j’ sound. Click on this image to watch the video on how to pronounce ‘dg’ and ‘dge’ and read words containing them.

What word ends with CK?

12 Words ending in CK

Duck, clock, neck, truck, stick, brick, back, puck, sock, sack, peck, and sick. Let’s take a closer look at what you will get in the printable.

What is a 5 letter word ending in G?

5-letter words ending with G

Is GE a Scrabble word?

GE is not a valid scrabble word.