What is a word with AMO?

11-letter words that start with amo. amoxicillin. amoxycillin. amontillado. amobarbital.

What is a sentence with the root Amo?

Amo sentence example

He was one of the founders 1 Qui giace Arrigo Beyle Milanese; visse, scrisse, amo. This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Alu to Amo. The front of the building, which is the most decorative elevation, has twin carved pilasters (Amo ).

What is the root meaning of AMO?

Etymology 1

Borrowed from Spanish amo (“master of the house”).

What is the root word for love?

The word love (in its noun form) has a history you have to love. Dating back to the Proto-Indo-European word leubh, meaning “care” or “desire”, it later evolved into Latin with the word lubet, which went on further to become libet.

What declension is amo?

Let’s look at our first Latin verb: amo, amare, amavi, amatum (to love).

What is simple sentence English?

A simple sentence is an independent clause that conveys a single, complete thought. Unlike a complex sentence, a simple sentence does not contain dependent or subordinate clauses.

What’s in a complex sentence?

​​A complex sentence is a sentence with one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. It works best when you need to provide more information to explain or modify your sentence’s main point.

Which word is derived from the root word am?

Quick Summary. The Latin root word am means “love.” This Latin root is the word origin of a good number of English vocabulary words, including amateur, amatory, and Amanda.

What is the root word of Bene?

-bene-, root. -bene- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “well. This meaning is found in such words as: benediction, benefactor, beneficent, beneficial, benefit, benevolent.

What does the prefix audio mean?

sound or hearing
DEFINITIONS1. sound or hearing: used with some adjectives and nouns. audiovisual equipment. Synonyms and related words. The ear and hearing.

What are the 10 Latin prefixes?

Table of number prefixes in English
NumberLatin prefixesGreek prefixes
10decem-, dec-deca-

Is Ambul a word?

English Words Using or Derived From Ambul

Ambler: One who walks at a slow, easy pace or meanders. Ambulance: A specially equipped motor vehicle for carrying people or injured people, usually to a hospital. Ambulate: To walk about or move from place to place.

What is a root word for kids?

What are Root words for kids? A root word or base word for kids is a standalone word that has no affixes attached to it. It is the most basic form of a word with a meaning of its own.

What’s the prefix for 7?

prefixnumber indicated

What is a Greek root word?

Who actually spoke Latin?

Originally spoken by small groups of people living along the lower Tiber River, Latin spread with the increase of Roman political power, first throughout Italy and then throughout most of western and southern Europe and the central and western Mediterranean coastal regions of Africa.

Is hecto a 100?

a combining form meaning “hundred,” used in the formation of compound words: hectograph; hectogram.

Which Greek prefix means 1000?

A Greek prefix meaning “thousand” in the nomenclature of the metric system. This prefix multiplies a unit by 1000.