What is the antonym of aboveboard ‘?

The opposite of above board is underhand or acting or done in a secret or dishonest way.

What is opposite antonym?

The opposite of antonym is synonym, which is a word that has the same meaning as another word.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is the synonym of above board?

synonyms for above-board

authentic. conscientious. decent. equitable. fair.

What is the opposite of I Love You?


1, 2 hatred, dislike. 15, 16 detest, hate.

What are the 3 types of antonyms?

There are three types of English antonyms: contrary antonym, complementary antonym and converse antonym. According to the traditional linguistics, antonyms are totally opposite in meaning.

What is the meaning of over the board?

Unorganized or scattered in thinking, communication, or planning. Mary is all over the board with her plans for the future.

What is the idiom of above board?

/əˈbʌv bɔːrd/ If a plan or business agreement is above board, it is honest and not trying to deceive anyone: The deal was completely open and above board. Honesty, openness & sincerity. (as) man to man idiom.

How do you use above board in a sentence?

Everything may have been perfectly honourable and above board. It would have been better if they had been honest and above board about it. That was all clear, open and above board, and no amendment was necessary. The system must be seen to be fair and above board.

What is opposite example?

Opposite is someone or something that is the reverse of something else. An example of opposite is black, as compared to white. noun.

What is example of antonyms?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, hot and cold are antonyms, as are good and bad.

What are 2 opposite words?

Antonyms (opposite words) are an important word type to use in almost any form of writing.

What Is An Antonym?
  • Night – Day.
  • Arrive – Leave.
  • Junior – Senior.
  • Better – Worse.
  • Right – Left.
  • Rich – Poor.
  • Smart – Stupid.
  • Small – Big.

What is the opposite of 0?

The Opposite of zero is zero!